Magical Aromatherapy - The Power of Scent, Scott Cunningham, published by Llewellyn, 1989, ISBN 0-87542-129-6

Since childhood, Scott Cunningham has been fascinated with plants and herbs. He's long delighted in not only smelling flowers and leaves, but also in releasing their scents and, thus, their energies. His current work with true essential oils, coupled with his background in magic and ritual ethnobotany, prompted the research and experimentation that culminated in this book. Born in the summer of '56 in Detroit, Michigan, he has live in San Diego since 1960, savoring the temperate climate that allows him to grow exotic plants and bring even more scents into his life.

This is a great book, as it provides everything you need to know regarding the scents used in aromatherapy. Cunningham breaks the book into an alphabetical listing of scents, including the part used, planetary association, elemental association, and magical influences. He also provides a desciption of the scent, including any dangerous side-effects.