A Four Quarters Rite


Written in a drunken haze on the night of a Lunar eclipse, this ritual can be used as a preliminary to acts of invocation, evocation, divination, and enchantment, or used alone for a Chaos-Aryan ritual of illumination.

The Rite:

0. Statement of Intent (see above):

"It is our will to see into the hidden realms of ourselves to;
("discover hidden talents." "divine for ...", "cast a spell for ..." etc.)

1. The Chaos-Aryan Yggdrasil centering:

Imagine a ball of energy in the mid-section and vibrate "Ohhhhh-d", whilst feeling the ball grow in size and extend about four inches in diameter, creating a luminescent jelly-like bulge. Next, imagine another ball of energy appearing in the head and vibrate "Eeeeee-n", imagining this ball also extending to about four inches around the head. The hollow part of the neck, where it connects to the collar bones, is the center of the next sphere, and the vibration of "Fraaay" accompanies its extension. Then the Solar Plexus, where the bottom of the ribs conjoin, is the vibration "Yahhhh". And finally, in the region of the genitals the sound "Urrrrr" accompanies the completion of a four inch thick cocoon to surround the surface of the skin.

2. Facing North the operator proclaims:

"To the North, Odhinn awaits in the frozen fields of Frost.
Before me stands the Halls of Hel and the terror of Stasis."

3. Facing East the operator proclaims:

"To the East, Loki steers the ship of the world's end.
The Fenris wolf lurks in the shadows of destruction and insurrection;
from where the sun escapes each morn in conflict and ecstasy."

4. Facing South the operator proclaims:

"To the South, Surt, the sword of culling, and the warm hills of Asgarth.
Before me the fruits of desire and the purging fires of innocence."

5. Facing West the operator proclaims:

"To the West, beloved Frigg who dwells in Fensalir, the Ocean Halls.
Love takes from me my oneness to bring me to No-thing!"

6. Returning to the original position (facing North), the operator raises hir hands above hir head and proclaims:

"Skoll - devour the Sun! Hati - devour the Moon!"

7. The operator brings down hir hands to cover both eyes, and begins spinning deosil, repeating the phrase and increasing the volume to a loud roar. The spinning continues until the operator falls to the ground and says:

"Give me sight on this occasion of your victorious darkness!"

8. The operator then begins any exercise to complete the rite such as an astral divination and banishes with laughter.

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