Astarte was the Phoenician predecessor to the Greek Aphrodite. To the Sumerians, she was known as Inanna; to the Babylonians, she was Ishtar. As Queen of the Morning Star, Astarte was a goddess of war. As Queen of the Evening Star, she was a goddess of passionate love. It is the latter aspect of Astarte that this invocation is to concentrate on. Astarte appears as a beautiful woman in a chariot drawn by seven lions, wearing a crown of myrtle leaves and accompanied by doves.


- Venusian type incense which incorporates myrtle and/or roses as an ingredient (these plants were sacred to Astarte)
- Seven green candles
- Dried red rose petals and myrtle leaves
- One seven-pointed paper, cloth or foil star per participant
- A chalice for each participant
- Fruit (apple, preferably) juice or red wine


Light candles, incense, etc. Each participant has hir chalice, star and a handful of rose petals and myrtle leaves.

The Rite:

1. Open: Vortex or other suitable opening

2. Statement Of Intent:

It is our will to invoke Astarte as goddess of Love.

3. All repeat after MO:

Feth Qichi Astarte! (we desire Astarte!)
Astarte (repeat 7 times)
Feth Qichi Astarte!

4. Participants hold their stars in their hands with the myrtle/rose-leaf mixture on top, while the M.O. leads them in the following:

MO: Astarte, Goddess of Beauty and Love:
All: Feth Qichi Astarte! (We call the, Astarte)
MO: Astarte, Queen of Heaven:
All: Feth Fouija Lyt Astarte! (We love thee, Astarte)
MO: Astarte, Lady of the Evening Star:
All: Gesizal Cho Tajeed Bygud! (Lady of the Evening Star)

MO: Astarte, come to us! Astarte, invest us with your beauty! Astarte, give to us your power to attract! Astarte, be with us now and always!
All: Feth Lohixos Lyt Astarte! (we invoke thee Astarte)

5. Participants all close their eyes, and holding their stars and herbs begin breathing rapidly while visualizing the goddess Astarte appearing before them. (She appears as a beautiful woman crowned with myrtle leaves and in a chariot drawn by lions.) When gnosis is reached, MO shouts:

MO: Xiqual Astarte!
All: Xiqual Astarte!

6. MO then takes the wine or apple juice and fills all the chalices. Then all participants go outside and hold their chalices up to the nighttime sky, visualizing the light of the stars being drawn into the contents of the chalice. If desired, a personal request (of a green/Venusian nature) may be whispered to the goddess at this time. Drink the contents of the chalices.

7. Anokquz (Banish and close).

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