Who is Até anyway?

Até is both a herald of disasters on the horizon as well as the goddess of infatuation. She is the daughter of Zeus and Eris (our lady of chaos!).

"Até... personified the power that leads to disaster and ruin."

- The Witches' Almanac, Spring '93 - Spring '94.


The reason for this ritual is to allow the participants to achieve vision of Até. The rite shall allow the participants to know the difference between an infatuation that will lead to doom, and a true path. You wish to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding possible choices you have in your life.

Materials Required:

- Blue or white candles.
- Either an herb or incense for clarity, or a mixture of Eris and Zeus incenses.

Preparation :

First, sanctify the space in which you will be performing the Rite, either by Gnostic Thunderbolt, or by opening a Vortex. This should serve to separate the Rite from your everyday existence - you are entreating a goddess after all!

Follow this by burning an appropriate incense (either a good mix of Zeus and Eris, or some form of purifying odor). Also, light one or more white and/or blue candles to represent purity of thought and purpose. You are now ready to invoke. Special positioning or preparation of the participants is not necessary, but any state of gnosis always helps a ritual.

Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to have the foresight to know and to see the illusions apart from the true path we walk, vision of Até, she who heralds disaster and is infatuation."


The Main Operator calls and the participants respond:

MO: Oh great Até!

P: Oh great Até!

MO: Daughter of Eris, sower of discord, reaper of chaos!
We beseech you Até, goddess of infatuation!
Make yourself clear to us as we look upon many roads!
Make yourself apparent that we may choose with foreknowledge
the true path - that illusions and infatuations may fall back,
beloved and honored, but passed by with confidence!
Great Até!

P: Great Até!

MO: Grant us clarity! Great Até!

P: Great Até!

MO: Daughter of thunders of infatuation and discord, grant us free passage
By the Delphic foresight and the waters of the true world,
Chaos, let this be done!


You may now wish to scry, looking for signs from the goddess or perhaps visions of impending disasters or present infatuations to be cleared, while chanting her name. This is an interesting but unnecessary addition to the ritual.

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