A Working in Green Magick

In Chaos Color Theory, green magick represents love, beauty and the power of attraction. There are two necessary components to attraction: the thing which one desires to attract and the means with which one is going to attract that thing. Thus, it is not enough to want to attract something, one must also have something for it to be attracted to in the first place.

This working is designed to enhance that attribute with which one will use to attract a desired object, person, quality, etc. If you desire to attract a lover, you must choose a quality which you possess for that lover to attract your new lover (i.e. appearance, charm, charisma, intelligence, great ass...). If you desire to attract money, then choose the attribute that you feel will most likely draw money to you (your dashing good looks, your waif-like charm, your dynamic personality...) The rite will call upon the powers of Venus, a Goddess of Love and Beauty to charge a pre-formed sigil which one will project outward to attract their desired object.

Materials Needed:

- A sigil of one's personal statement of intent (e.g., "I will to attract a lover with my dashing good looks".)
- Green Face Paint
- An Apple (Golden Delicious is preferred) cut into seven sections (use two apples if there are more than seven participants)
- Any trappings which you feel would enhance the mood (green light, Venusian incense, green candles, a rose...)

The Rite:

0) Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to charge sigils of attraction with Venusian energy."

1) Place Apple wedges in center of the space and all participants sit in a circle around the plate. All begin chanting "Culukeh Fouija Qichi Fach" (We desire Love and Beauty) in a sing-song manner. The tempo should be slow.

2) Either one at a time or all together, paint one's sigil on one's face with the green face paint. It should be large and visible, covering the whole face. A mirror may be used if you are unsure of yourself.

3) Whilst continuing the chant, imagine a sphere of green light emanating from the center of the room and gradually increasing in size to engulf the entire group. When you have the sphere visualized, change your chant to "Renceb Chaleq" (Come Venus).

4) After a suitable period of time, the M.O. recites the Evocation of Venus. All are encouraged to visualize a beautiful woman in flowing green robes enter the room and stand in the center of the circle.

5) After the evocation of Venus is recited and the Apple is charged, the M.O. takes up the plate and eats one apple slice. Hishi passes the plate to the left and each participant eats a slice.

6) Upon swallowing each slice, the participants should feel the force of love and beauty swelling within. It begins in the stomach and spreads throughout the body. When it reaches one's head, feel the power emanating outward through the sigil. In other words, see the sigil begin to glow as light emanates from it. Visualize this for at least seven minutes. You may either chant "Culukeh Fouija Lomus Fach" (We Have Love and Beauty) or sit in silence.

7) Banish by a group hug and laughter.

The next time that you feel your desired object is attainable (i.e. you're at a party a see a cute guy/gal or whatever situation is appropriate to your desire) visualize the sigil you created from this rite emanating from your face in green light.

If there are any extra slices of apple leftover, they should be buried as an offering to Venus.

Evocation of Venus:

We call upon Venus
Queen of Love and Beauty
Daughter of Jupiter
Mother of Eros

We call upon Venus
We desire the power of Beauty
As the children of Pandora
Grant us this request

We call upon Venus
We offer this Apple
To you, the most beautiful
Charge it with your Love

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