A Work of Obsession

This ritualette (not to be confused with a towelette) is based on the concept of using obsession to one's advantage (not to be confused with Kentucky Fried Chicken).

1. Statement of Intent:

It is our will to obsess upon the constructive path of the AutonomatriX.

Part 1:

Destroy that good old lust for result

2. Each participant states something that they want the AX to become.

3. Each participant begins to chant the actualized form of this desire while dancing around a fire or some such central working point (altar cloth, incense burner, bowling ball, whatever is deemed appropriate by the participants).

4. Once the dancing has built up some momentum, laughter begins.

5. Dancing and laughter cease when at the point of either ending or being out of control.

6. All state, "I want this? What does this matter? Only through doing does one achieve. Product is stasis. Goals are ending. I will move, I begin."

Part 2:

Obsessing On The Path

7. Each participant states something to do to further their goals for the AX.

8. Participants begin chanting: Tet sodwit idith new.

9. While continuing to chant, participants begin spinning.

10. Upon collapse, the AX logo is visualized while repetitive, possibly spasmodic, movement is undertaken.

11. Laughter

12. All state, "So I do!!!!"

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