The AutonomatriX Webgregore Empowerment Rite

(with thanks to Anders Sandberg for the "CompSci Cross")


On October 31st 1996ce, the AX initiated it's presence on the World Wide Web. The concept from the beginning of this project was that the AX's website would be itself a charged magical device, and be empowered as an egregore that exists in the aetheric realm of the Internet. To this end, the following rite is dedicated.


Two things are to be accomplished: first, the opening "page" of the website, which bears the AX Logo, is to be charged as a functional Chaosphere. This is to be accomplished by opening a Vortex over the display of the Logo on the monitor it has been created on, then uploading the same code (from the same location on the HD) that generated it immediately to the ISP server. The final declaration during the opening (usually "XIQUAL CHOYOFAQUE") will express the intent of the charging instead.

Secondly, the Webgregore must be vivified and charged with it's purpose: to disseminate magical information to the visitors of the Site -- not only raw data, but the aetheric information needed by the Deep Mind to make use of it. By gazing into the Logo on the opening page, the aethric information is transfered in a single "core dump". (Software-to-Aetherware-to-Hardware-to-Wetware)

Some appropriate background music can be played during the rite. Something very "techno" like Kraftwerk or Art Of Noise.


- The UNIX workstation that the site was composed on, and which carries the original data on it's HD.

- A calculator to use as a "wand".

- The current AX Token

- An FTP connection to, the AX Webgregore server.

- The prepared 'folder' containing the HTML code for the website.

- The UNIX 'TAR' utility program


-2. The final "version 1.0" of the AX Website is prepared and made ready for uploading, _except_ for the main logo graphic file (ax_title.gif). This is to be uploaded seperately by itself.

-1. The materials are arranged upon the altar (desk). The file "ax_title.gif" is loaded into the browser from the HD file that is to be uploaded and displayed full-size upon the screen.

0. The Statement of Intent is pronounced:

"It is our Will that we establish and empower the AX Website as a magical egregore."

1. Banish with the CompSci Cross:

a) Stand before the altar. Point above the head and intone: "To Thee:" Visualise a shining light above you, sending down a perfect line of light into you.

b) Point to the floor and intone: "The Data". The line continues down, and develops regular markings.

c) Point to the right and intone: "The Code". A shining line extends to the right, and develops regular markings.

d) Point to the left and intone: "The Communications". The line extends to the left, and develops regular markings.

e) Cross the hands and intone: "For Ever. Amen". A line appears perpendicular to the others. Together they form a coordinate system with you in origin, dividing space into a faint green grid.

Drawing of the Diagrams:

f) Go to the east and draw a horizontal digram (a line) from left to right and intone: "von Neumann". Draw a shining line straight south and then west, forming a corner (aligned with the co-ordinate system).

g) Go to the south and draw a vertical digram upwards and intone: "Turing". Continue the line west and north.

h) Go to the west and draw a vertical digram downwards and intone: "Lovelace". Continue the line north and east.

i) Go to the north and draw a horizontal digram from right to left and intone: "Babbage". Continue the line east and south, so that it forms an unbroken square around the temple.

j) Visualise how it projects two copies, one on the floor and one in the air, so that the space enclosed is a perfect cube. Two other squares, perpendicular to the first appear and interlock to form a strong cube with each face divided into four squares, alternating black and white (total 24 squares, which correspond to the 24 permutations of Tetragrammaton.)

The Invocation of the 2^2 Archangels:

k) Stand in origin, with your arms extended.

l) In the East, visualise Raphael standing, holding a LISP expression and surrounded by dancing code. Say: "Before me Raphael!"

m) In the West, visualise Gabriel standing, holding a string of ones and zeros and surrounded by flowing data and graphics. Say: "Behind me Gabriel!".

n) In the South, visualise Michael standing, holding a debugger window and surrounded by multicoloured messages. Say: "To my right Michael!".

o) In the North, visualise Uriel standing, holding a binary tree and surrounded by arrays. Say "To my left Uriel!".

p) Intone: "Around me flame the ones and zeros, and in the column shines the sacred code!" Visualise how the lines flare up, and you stand inside a pillar of eight bits quickly counting up from 0 to 255.

q) Repeat the CompSci cross.

2. With the AX Logo displayed on the monitor, a Vortex Rite (See "Vortex Rite" in the Opening/Banishing section) is performed directed at the image on the screen. The phrase "XIQUAL CHOYOFAQUE" is replaced with:


(phenominise chaos-sphere)

3. The command is given to the workstation to upload the GIF image to the server. When this is complete, continue.

4. The TAR utility is invoked on the workstation, and the files comprising the website are compressed for uploading. As this happens, the participants recite the following invocation to Ouranos:

"Io Ouranos! Serpent of Octarine Flames!

We summon thee from within us!"

(repeat 8 times)

5. The FTP connection to the ISP is opened, and the passwords are given. The following O-B declaration is spoken:



(You our servitor! You our creation! Serve us!)


(You have life! You spin a web in the multiversum!)\


(You make information free! You reject attack!)


(You immanentize the Eschaton!)


(You our servitor! You our creation!)


(You have life!)

6. As the last line is spoken, the command is given at the workstation to begin the upload. The final phrase:


is repeated continuously by the participants as the the uploading continues. Since this takes several minutes, this is a mantra to induce gnosis during the upload.

7. When the upload is complete, the mantra ceases. All participants quietly gather around the main workstation screen as the command is given to the ISP to uncompress the upload file. The attitude should be akin to attending a birth.

8. When the file has uncompressed, the FTP server is logged off, and the browser is pointed to the website address. When the title screen appears, all participants shout:


followed by cork popping, joyful dancing and other expressions of celebration.

9. Banish by general merriment.

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