The purpose of this ritual is to, bring various personas into harmony and balance. It works well when one persona acts as "imperialist", overshadowing the others and causing disharmony.

Materials Needed:

- A rock (color(s) that resonate with you.
- Pen/paper for creating sigil
- Pin or other instrument for drawing blood.

Statement Of Intent:

It is our will to interact with our personas and speak with the "imperialist" who is dominating and achieve balance and harmony.

The Rite:

1. Open a vortex.

2. Meditate long enough to achieve Gnosis through inhibitory method, Get into trance. Speak to "imperialist" dominating persona, what is it feeling? What does it want? Send it love.

3. Go into a cave...deep... On the walls are two dimensional figures of personas. Take any of them off the wall to activate them into three dimensions and interact with them...Send them love. Leave the cave knowing the many possibilities of personas. Count yourself out of trance.

4. Take a rock and charge it for change or whatever is needed. Charge it with breathing or if you have a totem let it express. (My mountain lion totem roared...) You can work with the rock in trance if preferred. However, I find holding an actual rock in my hands and placing it on my altar to be a solid reminder that triggers my intent.

5. Next create a sigil for harmony or a word that speaks to you which will create desired balance. Take a pin or other cutting instrument and anoint sigil with your blood. Charge sigil with breathing or whatever method resonates with you at the time. (I sometimes take the point of my wand at home and create a vector of energy through the sigil into the ūther exhaling deeply).

6. Discuss your experience with the group. Close the vortex. Take your sigil home to place with the rock on your altar or other place where you put items from rites......

7. Banish with laughter.

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