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Volume 4, Issue 9
April-May, 1998

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by infekshun (as The Working Sex Magician)

Every art has its secrets, and sex magick is no different. For many other artistic skills there are various ways to learn about how to do it, but there are relatively few ways to learn the fine points of being a sex magician. That's one of the things I think is great about this newsletter and why this article is about having sex with vessels.

a hollow or concave utensil for holding anything.
a person regarded as to whom something is poured, infused etc.
a tube or duct etc.

Now I am sure that most of you have had sex with demons. But having sex with a vessel is very different from having sex with your demon lovers or even the dead animals you pick up as roadkill. As sex magicians, I feel that it's our job not simply to make our body fluids available, but to orchestrate the sexual action, either subtly or overtly, in order to ensure a positive experience for you as the archetypal theriomoph and for "it" as a vessel. With some vessels, that will be easy, but with others, oh well, let's just call them high-maintainance vessels.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume that your vessel is a human, and that you are the Beast incarnate with all your siddhis functioning in the usual way. We are also assuming that your vessel is someone who is not going to serve you intentionally - pleasure on the job deserves a whole article by itself. And we are assuming the vessel is totally unaware.

*Getting Started with a Passive Vessel*

So you are there with a vessel, you have had an adequate amount of drugs, and it's time for someone to make the first move. Many vessels get really passive in this situation. They are nervous. They want you to make the first move. When it's time to get the action going and they seem kind of frozen, I usually say something like, "So, have you ever been fisted? Let's get busy?" I bet it would feel really nice for me to massage your heart internally." No one will turn this down and it makes a subtler transition, which means less feeling of pressure. It's amazing to me that vessels feel performance anxiety with sex magicians, but they do.

So, now we have clothes off. Watch the vessel for a cue as to whether to actually do any fisting or not - sometimes the words were all they needed, and they will be ready to start being useful. Other times you will need to rub the shell a bit. If you have psychically dominated for a few minutes and "it" is still lying very still on it's stomach, try lying down beside it, while still clawing it's back with one hand. If it still is not being active at all (and this has happened to me!) whisper to it sexily, "Zazas Zazas Nasatanatas Zazas." Then, whip it's nipples and ass for a bit and then aggressively begin to paw it's genitals. It may never move, and just let you completely control the entire episode. In that case I would do my sorcery for a while, have the vessel employ a self extracting retrieval technique, and then get ready to repeat the process if necessary. With a specimen like this, one has to work on the assumption that if it wanted something other than what you were doing it would ask for it. It can be mildly frustrating to have a very passive and uncommunicative vessel, but itcan be a good vessel for a beginning sex magician.

*The Over-Active Vessel*

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the type of vessel who is a bit over-active. Sometimes it is also a reaction to paranoia. One way it plays out is in the vessel who insists that they give you pleasure, meaning: an orgasm. This happens a lot of the time - if I had a liter of elixer for every vessel who said, "I really want you to enjoy this. I get pleasure from giving the Beast pleasure" - well, I'd have to open up my own blood and sperm banks, that's for sure. Sometimes they mean well, but it may feel to you like a drain of vital energy. Some Satanists and I used to joke that the five words we hated most from a vessel were, "Tell me what you like." We felt pressured to pretend as if we were attracted to and sexually aroused by our vessels. Now every vessel wants to feel it is liked and they have some significance, but some vessels want so much reassurance that they are psychically draining. Dealing with this means making good boundaries about what you are willing to take from each specimen and focusing and sticking to them. Fake one smile, not seven. It also means enforcing the physical ones as well -if you aren't comfortable letting vessels touch you (and lots of them will want to!) then roughly and firmly rip off a peircing or something.

Getting this vessel going isn't usually the problem it's getting it to stop thinking about itself and focus on your desire! I would suggest not telling it you like to use their body fluids (this works for curses and rites of psychic vampirism) Once you are up there, it's easiest to control the action. I would begin saying things like, "Bitch, it's not about how you feel, so get with the program". Save a bit of acting energy for the moments you are making it cum - it'll happen easier if you can convince it you are actually present.

Rarely but sometimes one does get the vessel who needs a lot of physical management (if you are getting them frequently, you should modify your acquisition techniques). Frequently they are "low level" vessels who don't realize how distastful their blotchy luminous eggshells appear , and who have little magical use for the nagual preparing the vessel for necrophilic excavation.

So let's say you are having sex with a vessel who is a necro bunny that has all the sexual energy of a manniken, and that the storefront is your temple. This vessel pushes its face into your crotch like it is the last air on a dying planet, and then scrapes you doing that teeth thing! If you think it's going to be a fairly unproductive orbit, here is how to do mind control: if it doesn't have lustrous kalas, try to get it to do it remotely. That way it has the least amount of contact with your tonal. It's best to get it to lay down beside the bed while you stomp on it. You can also suture together any aperture that you won't be using while in this position, creating a much more terrifying experience for it and simultaneously keeping it from screaming too loudly. If you are drawing your laser lingham all the way out before sliding it back in, reach over and put one hand over its mouth and nostrils. This way it won't slip and accidentally loose any fluids from the orifice. If it asks you what you are doing, then say, "Shut up bitch, it's all wet back there. I wouldn't want to waste any" This also works when you are on your back being fucked by rabid incubii ripping their barbed weapons all the way out before sliding them back in. Minimizing mental attatchment during all forms of sex usually means you excercising your natural sadistic tendencies, or at least ripping out a good handful of the specimens hair.

If it is still causing you discomfort in spite of your best efforts to vampirize the vital energies you may have to bind it with a humiliating diatribe about how you can find another vessel better than it so they should consider themselves lucky. Don't phrase it politely: "You don't know how worthless you are! Bending to my will is all you need concern yourself with. You are even less than a black hole in space... infinitely less interesting than the excrement of dinoflaggelates."

The thing to remember with vessels is that if you are sadistic they are more likely to get turned on. Saying what you want in a gentle way, in a way that sounds like it's as much for their benefit as it is yours, always totally turns them off. Force it violently and it can do as you wish without it realizing you are absorbing it's will. Remember that even if in a sabbatic cult setting you needn't suffer in polite silence if someone is not putting out. Just say it with barbed wire. Anyone who will not stop doing something you do not like, however, is a blemish on your devildom and should be eradicated as fast as possible. Never willingly give out energies unless reciprocation is quick to come and expotential in nature. "A seven headed Beast in the hand is worth infinitely more than a full Breasted Babalon in the bush."

Over the aeons, mortals have made comments to me about vampirism being easy and fun. I correct them by saying that murder is fastest way to get blood, but it is not always that easy! When you are utilizing a vessel, you have to be alert and aware of everything that is happening all the time. First and foremost you want to ensure that nothing happens that you don't want to happen, and that means being very in touch with your own needs at all times. It also means knowing how to voice them if something takes a turn you don't like. I know I always wind up writing about this, but it is something I feel very strongly about! I am convinced that this is the reason I have survived throughout the aeons and whatever.


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by infekshun

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