This is a simple woodworking project to build yourself a black mirror. It's based on the way used in How to Make and Use A Magic Mirror by Donald Tyson. I've found it useful, if you get past the "High" and mighty silliness. This isn't a ritual, it's a craft project. If you like working with a mirror and want something fancier than a picture frame, give this a try.

Materials Needed:

- Sheets of heavy paper (2 or 3)
- 12" squares of plywood (3)
- 12" record
- Coping saw
- Sandpaper (Medium and fine)
- White carpenters glue
- C clamps (6)
- Blocks of wood
- Brown paper
- Masking tape
- Art supplies
- Acrylic varnish
- Drawing tools.


First, you need to make a template for the glass. Draw a 9 inch circle on the heavy paper. Divide the circle into 40 degree arcs. Connect these points to form a nonagon. Take this to a hardware or glass cutting shop and have them cut a piece of plate glass, using the template as a guide.

The frame consists of three 12" disks. Make these by tracing your record on the plywood and cutting it out. Make sure to trace the center hole so you can locate the exact center of each disk. Set one aside. On the second disk, trace your plate glass nonagon. On the third, draw a 9 inch circle. As shown in the above paragraph, make the circle into nonagons and cut it out. Use sand-paper to smooth out any irregularity.

You should now have the three disks, each with a foot circumference. The first is solid, the second has a 9-inch nonagon-shaped hole, the third a 9 inch nonagon-shaped hole. Glue the first and second disks together, attaching clamps all around to ensure a seal. The blocks of wood go between the clamp and the frame to prevent marks. It will take at least a day to dry. Now paint your glass.

Flat Black Marine Enamel is recommended as best to paint the back of the glass, but any good quality paint should do. Make sure to clean the glass first, removing any lint. Use at least three coats. Let dry overnight.

When all items are dry, place the glass inside the frame. It should fit perfectly. Now glue the third disk (the face) to the rest. Clamp as before, being extremely careful of the glass. Keep the glue on the outer edge and don't put to much stress on the glass when clamping or it will crack.

When this dries, you have your mirror. Decorate as you wish, using brown paper and masking tape to protect the glass. Plastic varnish works best to give the frame a high gloss finish.


Only use symbols which have meaning for you!!! This cannot be over emphasized. Many symbols and colours are proclaimed as the only way. Use what feels right to you. This principle also applies to the use of Fluid Condensers. The Tyson book goes into detail of that and other subjects not covered here.

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