The purpose of this ritual is to rid yourself of an annoying person(s) in your environment. You can also use it to rid yourself of something in your environment that you do not want there any longer. The idea is to "X" out your unwelcome guest.


Needed is a collage based upon whatever it is you want to get rid of. You will need to collect things of than person/object's nature. If, for example, it is a person you wish to be rid of, you may want to collect strands of hair, finger nail clippings, etc. that belong to that person. You will also need a sword or dagger, dragon's blood incense, red candles and red paper.

The Rite:

0. Lying in the center of your work place, place your dagger upon the red paper oriented in whatever direction you feel is appropriate. Perform the GPR or Vortex.

1. Statement of Intent:

"It is my will to rid my environment of _______, for he/she/it has been annoying me far too long by doing _______."

2. Take up your dagger and red paper. Go to the east of you workplace and draw a banishing pentagram around the paper. Visualize a bright yellow light flowing from the pentagram and shout "ETHENG".

3. Take the dagger and paper. Go to the north and draw another pentagram. This one has blackness flowing from it. Shout "ETHENG."

4. Repeat at the west, with the light from the pentagram being blue.

5. Repeat at the south. The light is now red.

6. Return to the center of your workplace and chant "ETHENG"repeatedly until a high state of gnosis is reached. Mark an "X" on the red paper with your blood. At that point, burn the red paper.

7. Banish with laughter, and perform a formal banishing if desired.

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