To give aid to one or more a loved one (referred for conveninced as "kin") far away. Or to a project or goal.


Think of a social gathering. Formal, informal, regular, one time only, public, exclusive. Anywhere most special to your kin where you will find good feelings. Plan to go.

On the day or night of the gathering make a sigil. Place it on your altar. Wake the candle using voice, thought, touch or sex. You may do this before at the event or may do the rite and then go to the event.

Treat the candle as gently as a living thing. If the latter make sure the flame of the candle does not go out. If it does do not think that you have failed. Simply begin again.

Hold out the candle like a microphone and if you see a mutual friend in a good mood ask if they could describe to them the good qualities of your kin. if ke do not know the friend thank kir and move on. Beware explaining the reason behind the question. This might cause kir to become self-conscious or overly serious, which could stifle the energy. (Of course it also might not.) So you might gloss over the reason.

Place the candle a focal place where it will absorb the most ambient psynergy. At a music or dance event you could put it on the stage. Monitor the scene. If a fight or other bad feelings happen nearby move the candle, shelther it and re-charge with good intent by stroking it, whispering to it.

Place the candle on your altar. Put the sigil next to or under the candle. Let the sigil absorb psynergy from the candle. When you feel that the candle has done the job burn the sigil in the flame then blow out the candle.

You've done it!

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