A Self Exorcism


This is an adaptation of the Goetia. Only the demon evoked is a personal demon rather than one from the list in the Classical Goetia. Also, a lot of the rules are relaxed and changed.


Prepare a triangle large enough to contain Sigil(s) and perhaps some other physical means for manifestation. (We used wormwood for incense.) The three sides or the triangle should be guarded by names of some power to those doing the ritual. (We used Chaos, Babalon and Baphomet). Sigil created the usual way. Demon should be given a name (naming something is traditionally a way of gaining control over it) derived from the letters making up the sigil.

The Rite:

1. Open with a Vortex.

2. Pointing to the Sigil in the triangle, order the demon into the triangle.

3. Once the demon is separated from the operator and safely contained in the triangle, operator can either work with the spirit by "rehabilitating" it to make it a servitor or to reabsorb it and reintegrate it into hirself or (s)he can destroy it. (We destroyed our demons by burning the sigils.

4. If one wished to keep the demon as a servitor, one could dismiss the demon from the triangle at the end of the ritual and keep the Sigil in a safe place. Goetic magicians sometimes reward a servitor demon by putting their Sigil on better material in time.)

5. End by closing the Vortex and banish with laughter.

This kind of "negative" evocation can be followed by a more "positive" magick made more possible by clearing away the debris.

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