Emotions have a physical as well as psychic presence. Often emotions manifest primarily as bodily sensations, as in gut reactions, nervous tension, heartbeat and respiratory changes, etc. Therefore, one can say that the emotosphere encompasses the physical body as well as the mind and imagination.

The objective of this rite is to strongly experience whatever is in your life that is making you 'sick', -- and then to purge it, literally (several times, as is necessary) thus cleansing the entire personal emotosphere. Getting disgusted then physically ill over the cause of an emotional virus and then throwing it up is a way of "bringing it up" more fully into awareness using the body as well as the mind, and then "getting it out" by vomiting and catharsis. Feelings of relief and satisfaction should result.


Eat a large meal before the rite.

Bring the most loathsome, revolting food that you can think of. This food represents the limbic slime that you partake of whenever you experience the feelings of guilt, shame, etc. that is the result of the psychic infection that you are dealing with in this rite. The more vile, the better; examples might include boiled cow brains, certain unspeakable cheeses, boiled cabbage (gag), or whatever. Whatever makes you hurl. Emetic cocktails of Syrup of Ipecac can be used to make the experience even more vivid.

Dig a hole in the ground (for obvious reasons, this rite is best done outdoors, 'picnic style').

Prepare the food.

Create two sigils of the source of the emotional contagion; one pictorial, one mantric.

When the food and emetic are prepared and before you, eat the pictorial sigil.

Visualize the cause of the emotional contagion; imagine all of the ways that it ruins your life. Experience the shame, guilt, pain, or whatever the feeling is that it manifests as. Keeping this going in your mind, start gagging down the slop on your plate. Eat with your hands, gulp the emetic, stuff your mouth while you obsess on your target. Chant your mantric sigil with your mouth full, feeling your gorge rise. Dwell completely on whatever it is that is making you sick in your life. Concentration will be a challenge, but do it!

Feel the churning in your skull as well as your stomach; become aware of your crown chakra. Reach gnosis through disgust. Try to prolong the experience.

When the time comes, run to your hole and begin vomiting with gusto while still chanting your mantra.

Now is the time to harness the power of your body to evacuate your mind. Let the upward surging force from your stomach continue up into your head, spewing psychic vomit out through your crown chakra. You should be as conscious of the stream shooting out of the top of your head as you are of the one streaming from your mouth.

Concentrate on your crown chakra. Add repulsive imagery; stick your fingers down your throat. Make the experience as violent as possible, until physical and emotional catharsis is achieved.

Afterwards flush your system with water and clean energy. Rest for awhile.

Bury your excrescence, knowing that both the physical and psychic vomitus will be put to good use, fertilizing the earth and noosphere. Feelings of mental and physical relief, as well as animal satisfaction should follow. Banish with laughter.

The rite should be as raunchy and disgusting as possible. . . but ultimately cleansing and liberating.

To add an air of festivity to the rite, but more importantly, to encourage uninhibited participation, prizes should be given for the most revolting food eaten, most impressive disgorgement, most number of time vomited, etc. While concentration is vital to the rite, an atmosphere of friendly competition could help give the ego "permission" to perform this normally private function within the group.

Items Needed:

- The most vile food that you can imagine.
- Syrup of Ipecac
- A hole in the ground.
- A pictorial sigil for the cause of emotional poison.
- A mantric sigil for the cause of emotional poison.
- A few small prizes.
- A change of clothes might be a good idea.

The Rite:

1. Eat a big meal before rite.

2. Dig hole.

3. Prepare food.

4. Create and charge sigils.

5. Eat pictorial sigil and food while visualizing the origin of undesirable emotional condition.

6. Chant mantra while eating.

7. Become aware of your crown chakra.

8. Throw up, physically through crown chakra as well as physically, while chanting mantra.

9. Repeat as necessary for catharsis.

10. Cleanse with water, energy.

11. Award prizes, close.

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