Other Peoples's Cat Pictures

When I saw your baby, I just had to send a picture of mine---they look quite a bit alike. Hope my boy gets to be as big as yours. Mine is a real wild man, not like any cat I've ever had. Very intelligent, very adventurous, quite the huntsman, and incredibly LOVING.
Best Wishes!
Kathy Stapf

This is Morticia, the talkative, affectionate, chubby, cuddly goddess of our house. She often sits with her tongue sticking out like this! Blessed be, Dennis and Amy Talent, Oregon

These are a few pictures of our Youngest child. Shadow was only 3 months old in these pics, he is now 6 mos. old and he is HUGE for his age. Our family vet says that he will be a 20-25 lb Siamese by the time he is grown. We love him very much , he thinks and acts more like a monkey than any cat that I have ever seen. I hope that you enjoy.

Some pictures of Fuzzball and Squawk, two members of the cat herd. Back in the 70s I had a large polydactyl orange cat who was called Yeti. So I can say that I had a yeti for many years.

Some pictures of Fuzzball and Squawk, two members of the cat herd. Back in the 70s I had a large polydactyl orange cat who was called Yeti. So I can say that I had a yeti for many years.

Hello, I was browsing the net and came across all of the pics of your cats and all that have been sent in.
Well I have one for you. Her name is Hobbers.
I originally got her from the humane society. She had sliped throught the cracks.
When I got her they told me she was to be put to death in a week and half.
Well she picked me. She reached out of her cage and put her paw on my shoulder. As if to say "lets go home".
She now has 2 other cats with her. She is my instigater.
Hobbers loves to get the other 2 in trouble.
Well that is my story
Kain Night-Flair

This is my cat "Otis". He's the original lazy cat. He is a manx (in case you were wondering where his tail went) and weighs in at about 19 lbs. Matt

I like your site: fun and entertainment & knowledge . here's a pic of mia gatta Bella Donna, a lil Bastet.

This is just one of my cats....I have 3. Her name is Cali, I also have her father and little brother.

Hi, my name is Zandra Nightmoon. These are my two cats. The gray and black striped cat is Sylvia...she is 7 years old and always a GRUMP! She hates everyone, but me. My family and I have had her for 2 years now. We got her from a woman who was moving and could not take the cat with her. She is a good cat, but she thinks she the THE queen.
My other cat is all black, her name is Phoebe (after the moon goddess). She is 7 months old and we have had her since she was 6 weeks and nothing but a fluff ball of fur. She is very fiesty and loves to pick on Sylvia. She sneaks up on her and jumps on Sylvia's back. Of course, Sylvia hisses and screeches alot, but I know she would never hurt Phoebe.
I have come to the conclusion that my two cats will never be pals...they just tolerate each other. But they are both sweeties in their own way. I could never be with out them.
"Life's a Witch...then you fly."
Blessed Be! Zandra Nightmoon/Rilana

Here are our cats, Trouble and Turbo (they love to wrestle!). Turbo is part siamese who we rescued from the local humane society and Trouble is a tabby who was rescued from a monster of a person who was going to shoot the litter if they all weren't adopted (the man actually said this to us...)! Our neighbor, who came with us when we got him, was so horrified that she brought the whole litter home with her and took them to the humane society the next day - all were adopted within a week. Sarah & Justin Noce :o)

Loved the cats-show! Ours would like to be included in the gallery! The first one is Tweety, the second one is Henk, the third pic shows Fred and Elvira (elvira being Fred daughter) They all reside in the Netherlands, Europe. Armande

This is my baby Tid Bit. She is my familiar, and originally started out as a grey bag of skin and bones in front of a drug hotel. Imagine my suprise when i washed her! She sends her meows to all of the pagan kitties everywhere. Cattra Southern California

These are my two pretty, pretty babies. I love them more than anything in the whole wide world and beyond! Sherri

Lee Wenzbauer <lee@web-press.com>
Atlanta, GA usa

We have two cats too and they want to send a big meooow to Clyde and
Rusty. The female is Luna,  we got her when our neighbours  get became
pregnant and they did not know what to do with the little cats. Luna is
black and she really is a little bit crazy! the second cat is jerry. we
got him when a couple split up and the man did not want to take jerry
and woman did not either. i still hate these people because i can not
understand how one could give a away a cat like jerry. he is the most
cute cat i know!!!!
many greetings from germany
claudia & steven

I see you're collecting cat pictures... well, here's my cat. her name is
Adje, she's completely, utterly and blindingly white with a very soft fur.
the most extraordinary feature is that she has one blue and one green eye,
which isn't visible in this picture tho.
brightest blessings,

Burmese Cats Of Blue Dream (European type)
Frank + Heidi
Duesseldorf, Germany - Saturday, September 19, 1998

   I have two cats: one (Misha) who has never been
outdoors in her life (9yrs) and one I adopted
last year (Angel).  I am attaching Angel's picture.

Ellen in New Brunswick, on
Canada's eastern coast.

 Hi there, I really enjoyed cruising through your pages. Here is a picture of my cats. I actually have 16 of them but only could manage to get 14 in the one picture. You can also see them on my Pagan site http://www.amberwood.org We have been rescuing and finding homes for cats for 18 years now and these are the ones we were unable to part with over the years.
This is Nigel (nickname, "Bubba"). He's been with us since '97 and he's the biggest baby! We rescued him from two months' habitation / euthanization sentence from the Humane Society.
Naturally, we love him to pieces.
Kelly & Steve, Ontario
Here's a good one of my cat, Cheetah. He'd crash out in the most unusual positions, (yes, unusual even for a cat) and one evening while my friends and I were enjoying altered states, my brother put the open bottle of pills beside him and we took the pic. Cheetah is gone now, but never forgotten. When I think of him I can still see him attempting to screw our little puppy:)
BTW, we did not GIVE him any pills, it was just a prop:)
Rene Verbus
My name is Rainbowtoad, and this pic is of Tuffy, my 14 year old black cat.
I found him after midnight on a dark Texas road near a place the locals call Witches' Gate.His mother was laying dead in the road, and he was trying to nurse.It broke my heart(esp. since my own mom had died a month before).I coaxed him to me and we knew we were soul-mates at that moment.14 years later he is still my best friend. Love your sight!
Blessed be Bast's children!
"Do Not Disturb Rosie"
Hi, heres my fat cat, she sounds like yours!!
Monet (girl on left) and Rembrandt (boy on right).
Brother and sister, just over a year old, graced our Xmas cards last year with this pose!
PS Your cats are purrrrrfect
My cat loves to sleep in the sink or bathtub!

He was actually sound asleep before I came in with the camera to take his picture
His name is Pumba cat.
He loves cleaning his paws under running water and he also brushes his teeth!
I swear this cat thinks he is human!!!
Vicky K

Woodwitches' Ratso & Mr Brains
Ratso (Ratty) is my eldest cat, born on the Summer Solstice.
She watches over me, she is in tune with the female cycles and is just generally gorgeous.
She can be scatty too which can provide hours of amusement!
Brains is her younger brother and is equally as gorgeous.
He was born on the Autumn Equinox. He is a wise cat although he comes across as being rather dim!
He follows me around like a dog and like Ratty, he provides hours of entertainment!
They are both getting on in years and I feel like I have enjoyed their company forever.
They are the best cats in the world!
Bastet would be proud xxx
Simba the super cat loves to read the paper over my shoulder.
I'm not sure what he likes but it's usually the sports page.

This is Tigger and Simba asleep on the back of my couch.
These two brothers have eaten, played and slept together since they were born.
This is Simba again... he loves to play and it so affectionate.
I'm usually on the losing end of playing "paws" with him... he's way too quick for me! My cats are two years old on July 8th, 2004.
I can't imagine my life without them now... I love them so much!!!

Our wonderfull cats.. Hank(Grey) and Pete(White).
Very much the masters of our house...
Saskatchewan, Canada
This is my fur-baby Yogurt J. Bearkatz (Yogi) sitting at the window watching his Bird TV.
He was free at the pet store after having been returned twice by the time he was 7 months.
Six years and 17 pounds later, he is the best purr-sonal assistant/familiar that anyone could ever hope for.
He has yellow eyes, is not deaf, and will be the first one to let anyone know who is really in charge around here!
We wouldn't have it any other way.
Blessed be,
This here is Mudflap, the trucking cat.
He loved being on the road with us, and has the trucker belly to prove it!
You can;t see in the pic, but he has bright, almost orange eyes! He is definately a beautiful familiar!
Inglis, Manitoba, Canada

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