A Cat's Death

I just surfed on your site after going through one of the most disturbing experience of my life. If you don't mind I would like to describe what happened.
I live on a barn and I have two cats (actually, one is mine and the other one is family's). They come and go wherever they want and the ofter come inside the house too. Anyway, tonight I spent the evening reading and surfing the net when I decided it was time for me to go to bed.
But before, for no particular reason, I thought it would be great to take a small walk down the driveway (which is about 300 feet long) just to get some air. I've never done that before, well not at this time of the day (around 11h30). So I grabbed my jacket and went out for a walk. When I reached the end of the driveway I noticed a dark spot on the road, maybe ten feet away. So I walked towards it and I could see it was slowly taking the shape of a cat.
It took me a couple of seconds to realize that it was my dear cat who was laying there lifeless. I couldn't resist the idea of pating her one last time. As I did, I felt that she was still warm to touch so I picked her up in my arms as I did when she was still alive and I brought her back to the house. I left her on the porch so I could get a small box inside the house to put her in. When I came back my dog was sitting next to my cat and she was looking at me with this sad look and I'm sure she knew what happened.
I put my cat it the box and promised myself to dedicate tomorow's full moon ritual to her. She's been there for all my rituals and it will be hard not to have her sitting next to my circle but laying inside of it tomorow.
I definitely believe that nothing happens without a reason and I'm trying to find the message behind this death. I'm sure it will come clearly into my mind some day.
Anyway, what I find amazing in this sad story is that my cat called out for me when she died. Otherwise why would I have taken this walk in the middle of the night? And I did go to her in a very short time because she was still very warm when I arrived. I think she didn't want to stay too long on the road and get run over and over again by cars and trucks. She deserves a better grave then the cold asphalt. I knew I was close to my cat but I would have never expected that. I do have strong telepathic habilities with people but I didn't know I could really do it with animals.
Now, I've got four kittens to take care of. Fortunately, they're old enough to eat by themselves but I'm sure they will miss the presence of their mom... One thing is sure is that I'm going to pick one of them and keep it as my new companion in memory of her.

Thank you for reading me,


Hi Cassiopée,
Thanks so much for sharing what happened to you with us! Our sincere condolences on your loss. My mom (Lu's) had similar stuff happen to her. We lived on a farm, and she would tell my dad that she didn't want to go to the barn today, that an animal had died. Sure enough, when my dad went to the barn, something had happened to one of our goats. So, I believe that if you are attached to your animal, have it as part of your life, that you may be able to tell when something happens. We would very much like to add your story to our Cat Pages. This is totally up to you, of course. Please let us know how you feel about it. Brightest Blessings!
Lu & Rick

Hi, Thank you for your kind words. It's been exactly two weeks since it happened and I feel much better now. Of course the house is kind of empty without her, but we still got her 4 kittens running all over the place which brings me a lot of good laughs. I would be honoured if you'd add my story to your website. BB, Cassiopée

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