I mean...as space kitties go
By Bryan

Greetings and good-will to all who read,

My sister was given a cat for her birthday about 7 years ago. We named her Fi - Fi and since she has been in our humble home and company she has provided us with much joy. However......our cat is completely 'out there' as it were.
I mean...as space kitties go, although recently she has been very relaxed but when we first got her she was skitsy......to the extreme .(as in our cat has alot of funk) She does these strange sort of dances and hop around pretty neatly. The best thing however in my 'umble opnion is that she plays hunting games with me. She lies somewhere in wait and then nips my ankle.....and then races off hoping I'll chase her which for a while I did untill I became bored of trying to chase her.....simply becasue I could never catch her.....because she is certainly fast and extremely smart...as cats go. For any other person,or should I say non cat lover' I think it would be embarressing to know that your feline friend has better escaping and hunting skills than you..........however , never forget about Cats other relatives...like Lions,Tigers,Cheetahs etc etc. It took awhile to become acustomed to but we think there is definily a cool relationship between us because she certainly knows when we are upset (on a spirtual plane that is) but is normally quite content to let us be (which is generally most of the time) when we are at peace. The final thing I'd like to contirbute is that our cat has scared dogs away...and she is only about 3 foot long. I find that pretty weird...oh and now and then she brings us gifts of prey she has caught for us..like mouse and pigeons.Totally drains the blood but feathers everywhere. Of course we all terrorised her when she got into that nasty habit...and now she chases animals into the house and expects us to accept 'live' gifts. Weird indeed.
Most of that however she did when she was younger..now she just lies around eating and being extremely lazy.....one thing which I guess only a cat can teach us to purrfect!!!
Well thanks for reading and have a calm existence.

Love Peace and Harmony

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