A deconstructed/reconstructed Star Ruby, suitable for a variety of Aims, with commentary and tangential thoughts.


0) Begin standing, Horse position. Breathe deeply and slowly, and center.

1) Bring forefinger or Magickal Weapon to the lips, and continue to breathe deeply. Feel waves of current flow through the bodymind, seeking to escape. Let the flow build and build, until on an exhalation, you release:


While flinging the energy raised down and out behind you in an arc of force.

2) Re-center if center is lost in this action.

3) Raise hand(s) above head, and slowly lower to third eye level, and vibrate: IIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!, a full exhalation.

4) Lower hand(s) to throat and vibrate EEEEEHHHHHHHH!

5) Lower hands to solar plexus and vibrate AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

6) Lower hands to belly and vibrate OOOOOOHHHHH!

7) Lower hands to thighs, and let them rest there while vibrating UUUUUUU(RRRRR)!

8) Center, if center has been lost.

9) On the in-breath, quietly say: I On the out-breath, quietly say: AM

Continue this mantra until mild gnosis entered, still remaining in Horse stance.

10) End mantra, open eyes, and draw the sign of Chaos in four lines before you. Draw a spiral from the center out, and vibrate: CHAOS

11) Turn 90 degrees. Draw sign of Chaos and spiral as before, and vibrate: BABALON

12) Turn as before, draw sign and spiral, and vibrate: BAPHOMET

13) Turn as before, draw sign and spiral, and vibrate: KALI-MA

14) Turn once more until you are in starting position, resume Horse, and center.

15) Begin mantra of IO PAN, IO PAN, IO PAN, PAN, PAN and Begin N.O.X. signs as per Crowley's Star Ruby, but in the form of a slowly spinning dance, in the same direction you turned for the four quadrants.

16) Perform at least three sequences of N.O.X. signs in this fashion. Stop mantra and Stop in beginning position, resume Horse. Proclaim:






17) Center, with hands on thighs, and begin the vowel vibrations from UUUUUU(RRRR)! on up to IIIIEEEEEE! Hands or Weapon to lips, and AEPELIZAGE! as you began.


The structure of this rite is derived from the Star Ruby, and I find it fine, so I left the frame. However, much has been altered, and I'll explain why. I'm fond of my Demons, so I don't fancy sending them away. It took me years to make them. Therefore, Aepelizage, which means, in Ouranian Barbaric, 'Immanentize the Eschaton' (bring about the end of the world), a concept I'm fond of. In this case, the end of the world is that of John Grey, the Flat People, Mr. Roboto and Mr. Clean. You begin with this statement to separate from 'normal' consciousness.

The use of the Horse stance (ask any Martial Artist to show you) is manifold. First, we don't usually stand like this, so again, a work of separation and distancing. Second, it lowers the center of balance, and puts a measure of strain on the body, which helps keep the discursive mind occupied. 'I am uncomfortable' is not thought that greatly hinders magick. This strain is an important part of the rite, so seek it out, don't avoid it. Keeping 'centered' is the only way I know of describing a bodymind state I am looking for. The mind is (relatively) quiet, the body is still, you are focused, but not pressured. Nothing is happening, Nothing at all. (See Zen, if you have trouble with this.) Also, the shifts into action and vocalization are more severe if one is calm and center when one is not in motion.

The Vowel mantra's serve to open up the energy centers of the bodymind and allow blockages to be opened. This is not the main thrust of the rite as it is written, so we do not linger long. Also, works to silence the deep mind, and by stopping on the groin/U sound, lowers the center of gravity. This is a good thing when the rite starts really working.

The Chaos signs begin to redefine the working space, and your relation to the bit of the world you are in. John Grey is almost defined by his acceptance of consensual reality, and is often tyrannized by it. The Sorcerer is in a continuing state of co-creation/co-destruction of perceived reality, and the drawing of the Chaos sigil states that what is before him is highly mutable.

The spiral, moving sunwise (clockwise) from the center out, is a sign of invocation, of the drawing in and expansion of possibility into the sorcerer's sphere of influence. To Banish/Devoke, start at the outside and move in, anti-sunwise (counter-clockwise) thereby denying Time and Space to whatever it is you seek to banish. The sensoria should be that of pulling-expanding or pushing-contracting.

The "Godnames" are perceived as 'natural' forces or drives in the Multiverse, or as 'Gods' if you're pervy. Put your own up, unless you prefer mine, it changes everything, but then that's the idea... The NOX dance is an act of seduction in acts of Invocation, violation/rape in Banishing/Devokation. In either case, it is a play of creation in the rite: one does not 'generate' or 'destroy' anything, one transmutes and transforms the raw materials already present to suit one's will. Or for the hell of it....Or maybe so it can then kick your ass...I forget, sometimes.

For invocation, one can continue to spin/dance and chant, if you keep up the I O PAN you'll probably get goat-type forms, and is recommended for atavistic resurgence and Baphomet. Otherwise, shift the mantra to suit the outcome desired.

To charge a sigil or consecrate an object, you can stop short of Possession, and focus the energies present into the sigil/object. Again, 'or not'...I like to have possessing entities charge these things. They seem to enjoy it as well.

The elements, take, modify, discard. Mainly they help to define space. Other options include Invoking the element as opposed to (or along with) the 'Godform', perhaps creating a Gate in that quadrant and talking a walk on through, or calling up an elemental, whatever.

The rest should be obvious, fold/spindle/mutilate, but drop us a line if you come up with interesting modifications, etc.




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