"You expect orderly peace from chaos magicians? I've never seen more than two anarchists in one place at the same time without at least an argument breaking out."

- from Internet discussion group 'alt.magick.chaos'

Actually this both sends a good and poor message with regard to anarchism and human nature.

On the one hand, continuous disagreement may mean that various parties have continued to think for themselves and will have the where-with-all to organize and fight for their position.

On the other hand, I've noticed that a great deal of the trouble boils down to petty personality conflicts with one or both parties losing sight of the "big picture". Which, in the example of this topic, seems to be that regardless of personality conflicts there are:

A) Way too many groups and organizations selling the aspirant a "bill of goods" to have one of the ones that doesn't fall in on itself.

B) There exist few people who can form Chaos Magick Organizations - if they all fight with each other, the situation becomes hopeless. Moreover, not a whole lot of people wish to join ONE such organization, let alone be willing to sort through 2 or 3 such groups to pick "the best" one.

C) There appears to be far too many people who would be willing to crush any existing chaos magic organization if they really had a clue (such as various western governments) to have chaos magicians fighting among themselves.

Each individual, qualified member, of any chaos magick organization exists as a valuable resource of that organization. The parent organization stands to loose the most each and every time a member departs.

Certain personality types, however, should never join ANY organization in the first place. (Such as those who confuse issues with personalities and take everything WAY TOO seriously.) If you wish to participate in the group and do so well you must be willing to learn one or two personal-relationship skills that some people never seem to acquire. Ways exist to settle virtually any conflict of interests in such a matter that it becomes a win/win situation - and this includes disagreements among groups of magicians and between said groups.

Instead of reaching mutually satisfying conclusions though, most occultists, it seems, would rather go huff and run to the nearest corner with the "I'm right, they're wrong" attitude. As R. A. Wilson points out, for example, in Cosmic Trigger 3 this attitude falls into the Aristotelian dualism that many chaos magicians have claimed escape from. In fact, there appears to exist many shadings of right and wrong in any such disagreement.

I would imagine that in the past various parties have avoided the middle, and higher ground which existed as a solution to their particular conflict. In my observation this decision stems from not only a decent into dualism (which may be unavoidable anyway) but also from a sincere, subconscious fear that a well run chaos magick organization may actually WORK.

Some find the success harder to take than the ensuing failure. A global, large, well run, motivated Chaos Magick Org. would be A DANGEROUS ENTITY. We run from the monster we could become. Oh well.....

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