The Chaos Tide

Like the tides of the Ocean, Chaos moves back and forth, up and down; so does life, and even more importantly, magic.

Via years of experimentation, talking with others, seeing others diary's, closely observing my own, I have noticed that magic too, just as the ocean, life, and everything, moves in tides. For example, notice that certain times of the month, week, and more important to me, that you may be "on a role." For example, I find that Spring is the best time for me to do planting. Of course, this being in season for gardening, etc., may not necessarily be the best time for everybody.

Like the Ocean, again, you may wish to find out when your "tide" is high, low, etc., and as such you may do your rites accordingly. However, I find that the times when my "tide" is low may be not necessarily the best time to rest, but the best time to do banishing (i.e. ritual to get rid of bad habits, etc.).

This is just one of the many reasons keeping documentation of everything you do is very important. I have many regrets of not keeping a better diary than I have. I've heard many excuses of "want-to-be" magicians using the excuses of "I hate to write". However, in this Our modern times there are very many alternative ways of keeping a diary. In fact, I have started recording mine on a microcassette recorder, which is small and therefore easily portable anywhere! Which means that if I travel I don't need paper, etc.

Taking time to review your diary's may be critical, as well. Why keep it if you can't look back and see where your "tides" where high or low, etc.

Anybody who has been doing this for a long time has a general idea of when things will work the best for them; however, with further investigation (i.e. a very good look at Our diary's) We may notice a lot which We may have forgotten, somehow. And this could be very helpful in Our Work.

I would like to take some time now to find these tides via experimentation of already existing AX material, as much as I can get my hands on! And, then, try to play with these tides and change them how I want them. Impossible? What is, really?

Material without any notes, effects on the Kree8ur, etc., is almost worthless, in my opinion. Therefore, I would like to experiment, and will give notes, which I will start a file for, to anyone who ask for them. Remember that these are my personal notes, and something may work different for you. However, any appended notes have always been helpful to me even if they were just simple statements of what should be common sense.

In closing, I would like Us to remember the importance of a diary, and note that We should try to extract as many notes from there, and share them with others, in my opinion. Sharing rituals is great, but don't forget to share some notes, etc., on the effects!

[anti-copyrite] AutonomatriX
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