The purpose of this ritual is to obtain charisma within the social realm, for job search/interviewing, to attract a sex partner, etc.


You will need a pre-made sigil to obtain charisma, some thing to draw blood with, a pre-made invocation (I used a poem by Aleister Crowley, but feel free to do as thou wilt - pun) and any type of incense and candles that you would use in a charisma rite.

The Ritual:

0. Begin your work with any preferred banishing ritual.

1. At your workspace, begin to meditate on the squirrel, as if your were a squirrel running and playing through a tree in the park with tons of persons adoring you as you run and play throughout the park.

2. Do the pre-made invocation that you have made (I used poetry for this, you can write your own invocation/poem, or even use a preexisting one).

3. Meditate on the squirrel again until you are at the point of gnosis.

4. Draw the sigil for charisma onto a piece of paper.

5. Consume the sigil, and wash it down with something sweet to drink (very sweet lemonade, soda, whatever).

6. Banish with laughter!

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