This exercise can performed by two or more operants, or one operant using a prosthetic of some sort.


1. Begin by reaching a very high state of excitation through any sort of agreeable manipulations. Come as close as possible to orgasm without actually having one.

2. Do entry, and move six or seven times.

3. Stop all motion, and begin to visualize an orb of whatever color and size you desire. It should be visualized as hanging motionless just above the copulating pair.

4. Thrust six or seven times, visualizing as you do so that each movement imparts a small amount of spinning momentum to the ball.

5. Stop moving. Send the orb a foot or two in any direction away from yourself as it continues to slowly rotate.

6. Repeat the steps above. Most of the time should be spent motionless and visualizing, not in thrusting. Orgasm should be held off for as long as possible.

7. When you are satisfied that the orb has reached maximum velocity in both spinning and linear movement, allow orgasm to occur. The ball should then be seen as exploding very violently, sending appropriately coloured dust scattering over a wide area.


The first few times we attempted this exercise, the whole lasted perhaps ten minutes. In a matter of a couple of months, this has been extended to approximately ninety minutes. The visualizations and explosion have also become much more intense with continued and regular practice.

The exercise has been incorporated into experiments involving dreamwork and Temple fortification. Objects other than the orb have been experimented with, but the simple orb is suggested for the first dozen or so times this exercise is attempted.

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