RITE OF COMMUNION or Spin the Bottle
A Ritual of Green Magick


For the purpose of this rite, Love is the energy that binds by communion. Communion occurs on the cellular level, on the personal level between individuals, and on greater levels still. This rite focuses on the personal as a means of becoming aware of both cellular and macrocosmic communion. Communion on levels other than human does not require the beleif in universal self-conscious intelligence.

For any structure to exist there must be an exchange of energy between its constituent parts. When constituents are out of phase with each other the structure experiences entropy, thus explaining a range of experience from the often bitter result of a love lost, to the waning of interest in a subject, to the falling out of good friends.

Most know the overwhelming exchange created by simultaneous attraction, this rite randomizes the experience so that green Magick might be experienced in a more subtle and less "personal" manner. However, this rite is also appropriate for individuals wishing to bond.

Items needed:

- Venusian Incense
- A group of equal number of participants
- A bottle for spinning
- A fairly large chalice for each set of two participants
- Goats milk

The Rite:

1. Statement of Intent -- MO Recites, all follow after each line:

It Is Our Will
To Know The Sublime Exchange Of Synchronized Energy
That Exists And Flows In The Cycle Of Love

2. Person meets Person -- All participants sit in a close circle. In the middle of the Circle is a bottle. One person at random spins the bottle. The tip of the bottle will indicate the second partner. The two stand and go to separate part of the room to sit facing each other.

3. Elixir of Love - The chalice is placed between the paired participants. Each participant pour some goats milk into the chalice. As they are pouring the participant says:

This is what I bring
This is what I share
This is what I offer

4. Charging of Elixir -- Once the chalice is prepared, both participants jointly charge the elixir by reciting the following evocation, until your mind is lost and glossolia occurs.

(We choose love)

Once glossolia is achieved, participants become quiet, and look into each others eyes.

5. Communion -- The one who spinned the bottle picks up the chalice and offers it to the other. At all times the eyes of each should be locked on the other. Each takes a sip of charged elixir and passes it to the other, who sips then passes it back. The sips should be small and passing back and forth continues until the cup is drained. Passing the cup should be a slow fluid process and while one breaths in, the other should breath out. Be aware of green mobius strip of energy flowing from one persons breath to the other. This is done in total silence. Once all milk is gone, banish with Laughter.

6. Banish with laughter

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