Do you sometimes find yourself looking for a direction whether it be on the road in the living room or in life? You do? Well good you're a chaote. However the natural chaos of life can get to be too much if their isn't any focus -- if you find yourself no longer the sweeping broom but rather the swept dust. (Barf bags optional when reading my intro!!) The problem lies in the need to know where you're at and to decide what path you desire to take!

Iron has a strange property, it can be magnetically polarized. Take the compass for instance. This instrument uses iron that has been magnetized and points out the direction one is in relation to the earth's magnetic field. Iron particles have been found in the brain tissue of migratory birds in a surprising concentration are believed to be involved in their complex migratory behavior. These particles have been found in other creature's brain tissue in lower concentrations. This rite uses this concept.

Note: in the A:.X Spring Revel of 1994 the Magneto Mass takes place and the additional magnetizing action/ingestion of iron fillings may prove as an amplification.

The Rite:

0. Any Banishing/Opening/Preparatory rites desired.

1. Statement of intent: It is our will to find direction using our inborn compass. We awaken our compass!

2. Participants place their hands upon their head and begin swaying. They then shout: "I am lost, I am found, I go round and round."

3. Covering their eyes, participants then begin to circle slowly. When an obstacle is run into or stumbling occurs the participant stops and shouts: I need my iron!

4. When all have had a chance to stumble and be "lost", the Main Operator will begin the chant -- Awakening of the magnetic iron:

Awake, sleeping in my body, metal
You can defy magic, you can carry magic
I awake you to your active phase, carry magic
Align so as to show me the way
I awake you, I command you
You who are deep in my body!

5. Iron fillings are visualized aligning in the cells of the body. Repeat chant until all have achieved light gnosis.

6. A prepared sigil of the subject to which the direction seeking is pertaining is now taken out. This sigil is drawn on the forehead.

7. Participants begin walking. This is to set the compass. Walking becomes running. Running continues until a sharp jerk occurs. The jerk is indicative that alignment now occurs. The compass should be checked while still in gnosis.

8. Laughter begins, but the hand is placed over the mouth indicating that the banishing is not of the compass.

Later when feeling a loss for what to do about your subject, touch the forehead and say: "Iron in my body!"

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