Kay G.

I was just wandering around and came upon your site. I'm sort of new to the net, so I'm still exploring.

I would like to add my story about our dearest black cat, Long Legs.

Three and a half years ago, my son Kingsley died at 25, leaving his cat in my care. This was Long Legs. I have three other cats and she was born at my house seven years ago, so for her it was home.

Dear Long Legs was a sweetie, she became my shadow after Kingsley died. Everywhere I went, she went. It was as if she was minding me after his death. She would never be far away from me. No matter where I was, she was, being my companion who shared my every emotion.

Three weeks ago, Long Legs died right outside my house, run over by a car. My man saw it happen and I ran out as soon as I heard him cry out in panic. I got there while her little body was still jerking, it was obvious she had gone instantly as her little head was run over (not a nice sight at all).

I covered her, as we waited for help and we directed traffic around her. I said a little prayer and thanked her for being with us for as long as she had.

Now my son died with similar injuries, (head destruction on the death certificate). I had over the years wondered what he might have looked like, although I didn't dwell on it. When I saw little Long Legs on the road, there it was... the vision of what my Kingsley must have looked like, lying on the road.

Hours later, with friends at my house for support, a stranger came to my door. His wife had been driving one of the cars that we had directed around Long Leg's little body. She had sent him to see if we were ok.

I explained to the stranger that I wasn't just my cat that my tears were for; they were for my son as well. I told him of the connection with the head destruction thing. He said he understood, because three and a half years ago he witnessed a road accident invovling a young man who had had his head run over. It turns out that he was talking about my Kingsley. We all went white. The stranger sat with me for a while and told me all about it. I had no idea that there had been a witness, as I didn't want an inquest.

Speaking to this stranger has closed the story of my dear son's death in my heart and mind. If it wasn't for my darling Long Legs, I would never have met with this stranger, ever.

She looked after me to the very end, I'm sure she still is.

Long Legs has now been cremated and her ashes are next to my son's ashes. Both will be put into the ground this coming November. I'm so proud of her.

Love and Light to you,