The Consumption of Jupiter -- A Blue Magick Ritual

I inadvertantly stumbled upon this rite when a co-worker of main was trying to find a way to purchase his own business. On a whim, I sigillized his Suzy-Q™ snack cake and made him chant the Juptier chant. He was soon able to quit his job and start his business. I have modifed and enhanced this ritual and use Quaker™ RIce Cakes instead of Suzy-Qs; rice cakes make a perfect pentacle. Warning: if you are diabetic, do NOT try this rite! The author is not responsible for sugar shock!


- Quaker Rice Cakes (any flavor), one per participant plus one more for an offering
- Blue icing of cake decorating frosting; in a pinch white can be used
- Blue Kool-Aid™ of Blue Curaco™ or any other blue tinted, potable liquid
- A blue candle for each participant
- Jupiter incense

The Rite:

1. Light the Jupiter incense on the altar. Open with a banishing such as Vortex or Thunderbolt

2. Statement of Intent: "It is our Will to invoke and ingest the power of Jupiter!"

3. Everyone lights their candle in front of them. One rice cake per participant is placed in front of the candle.

4. All take a deep breath, ground, then start the Jupiter chant: "Emurt Inum" and visualize a clear, sky blue or cobalt blue light surrounding the group and filling all the participants.

5. While chanting, pass around the blue icing. In a large group it's best to have two or three tubes to pass around. Each participant draws the planetary sigil of Jupiter on their rice cake with the icing.

6. When everyone is done, the chanting stops, and one by one everyone raises their sigilized rice cake aloft and says, "I manifest and ingest the power of Jupiter!" and eats the cake.

7. The fearless leader of the evening then sigilizes the offering cake with the icing and it is passed from hand to hand. As each person takes the cake, s/he says "Xiqual Jupiter!" When everyone is done, this cake is placed on the altar as an offering.

8. The leader then pours the blue liquid into a goblet, takes a sip and then passes it around. When all have sipped the remainer is placed on the altar as an offering.

9. Close the space and banish with laughter.

Note: This particular offering should be buried, not burnt; not only the pentacles grown from the earth and make a good earth offering, a burning rice cake makes a concrete-like blob that is impossible to remove!


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