Cosmic Lizard: The Ritual of Obtaining Prehistoric Atavisms

Prehistoric atavisms: Memories of Prehistoric atavisms exist within each cell of our being. Within our DNA is encoded the result of every environmental experiment since the first ameba wiggled in the primordial slime. These "prehistoric" memories are now easily accessible using the following method;

A. SOI: to obtain the vision and conversations with prehistoric/futuristic atavistic resurgence.

B. Pre-requisite (chemignostic libation) 1. Heroic Doses a. Heroic doses of psychotropics are definitely helpful for the success of this ritual. The use of combinations of different psychedelic analogues, taken with such additives as MAO inhibitors can really add to the "alien other" presence.(assuming that's what you're looking for.)

C. Ritual Setting: 1. Although this ritual could be performed under any circumstances, in any setting, in any darkened environment indoors or out, I would highly recommend a wooded area, a dirt road, and very little moonlight, preferably an overcast evening, far from city lights.

D. Open with a banishing ritual using whatever centering/visualization exercises brings you to a state of "gnosis"(exalted consciousness).

E. Began atavistic pathworking into the realms of your DNA/akashic memory bank, where atavisms exist from the first life forms to ever come from the sun, up to including man and the "Outer Gateway" intelligences.

F. Upon reaching a "heightened" visual/hallucinogenic state, split the group up in different directions and everyone leave the clearing and merge with the trees and underbrush along the dark roadside. Then, one at a time. ever so slowly, come walking extremely slow, and spasmodically out of the darkness into the monochromatic haze of the darkened clearing. As you approach one another, try to project and observe the various lifeforms manifesting through the tangled sensory ooze of opaque hallucinations. The initial contact is the most dramatic. You should be able to recognize certain types of body language which is inherited through millions of years of adaptation while in the flux of interspecies phologeny. Allow these hallucinations to absorb your own perceptions until you have invoked these atavisms within yourself, just as you have evoked them without you.

Banish with laughter and inhibitory methods of gnosis for relaxation purposes.

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