The Dark Matter at Hand

Background Noise:

When physicists calculated the amount of mass necessary to produce a gravitational force capable of holding our galaxy together in the face of centrifugal force, they discovered a curious fact. When they added up the total of all mass existent in the galaxy, they had only 10% of the mass necessary to keep the Milky Way from flying apart. To compensate for this, they have theorized the existence of dark matter. None has of yet been observed.*

For this working, however, this debate is entirely unimportant. We will assume that dark matter exists in one way or another. Furthermore, we will equate the 90% of "unmanifested" matter with that 90% of the brain whose purpose and function we have not yet discovered. Those unknown or unmanifested functions can be symbolized by the "tip-of-the-tongue" condition (ankyloglossia), when a word or phrase comes to mind but cannot be expressed verbally. This is unmanifested speech, in the same way the dark matter and the "mystery" 90% are unmanifested.

Statement of Intent:

It is my will to manifest that which is potential
It is my will to find the potential lying in wait
It is my will to evolve.

NOTE: It is unnecessary, and undesirable, that all participants recite the statement of intent in unison.

The Rite:

0. All participants declare:


(Phenomenize dark matter!
Do dark matter!
Dark matter by whatever means necessary!)

1. All participants begin spinning rapidly in place while shouting out words, letters, or whatever comes to mind. No chain of association should be followed, and any form of glossalalia is also valid.

2. The spinning and shouting continue until the participants cannot express themselves further. If this goes beyond the amount of spinning a participant can tolerate, hishi should lie on the floor on their back, eyes open, and continue to shout out while hyper-ventilating.

3. Participants now take an ice cube and press it in the space between their eyes with their eyes closed. The ice cube is held there until it is entirely melted. Until this happens, all should remain entirely motionless and in a state of no-mind.

4. When the ice cube has melted, the participants should stand up and yell out:

What was hidden has been found!
From the darkness to the light!
What was silent now is sound!

(pause and draw a deep breath)

What is mine is mind to keep!
From the darkness to the light!
Preconception go to sleep!

(pause and draw three deep breaths)

From within the dark earth grows
From the darkness to the light!
nobo wec to wec nobo

(pause and draw nine deep breaths)

5. Banish by laughter and do not record or seek to remember any detail of your experience until you note the "spontaneous" manifestation of some new ability or unsually intense inspiration. If this does not occur by the time you have completely forgotten ever having performed this rite, then perform it again.

(Note from 555:)

*It is interesting to note that Temple Babel-A:.X performed this rite at it's Summer Solstice Revel in 199. Three months later, upon returning from their Autumn Equinox Rite, they found a newspaper report that astronomers had at last discovered observable evidence of the existance of dark matter in inter-galactic space. The discovery itself occurred _within days_ of the performance of the rite, three months before; the scientists had waited to announce their findings to confirm them with other observatories!

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