Self Designer Ritual

This is a pathworking created to allow one to actively participate in the design of their own nervous system. First, create a free space within a chaosphere, with infinite lines emanating from it, all leading to a single point. This point: (bindu), is: (represents), the axis mundi. (the center of all things.) This ritual begins with the individuals selecting a hexagram at random from the I-Ching.

SOT= to use as a doorway to self design. Memorize the Hexagram and store it away in your memory. Using the analogy of a conciousness (as a focus point) as a camera Lens, for the pathworking, We first use a regular lens, and then a wide angle lens , and then a telescopic lens, (visualize galaxies and stars) superimposed upon the macro lens, then finally a micro-electron microscope, until one visualizes the 64 spirals of ones own DNA molecules,(like a spiral staircase) with 6 steps in between each spiral.

Then, visualizing the 64 I Ching Hexagrams, with each line representing a stair in the staircase of 64 spirals with 384 steps (192 straight lines and 192 broken lines) making up the hexagrams of the I-Ching. From top to bottom descend the straircase (smoothly like an escalator, hands on railings) just observing the different lines making up the Hexagrams, until you recognize the hexagram that you selected earlier.

Next, use the Hexagram as a doorway and enter that domain. After pathworking in that domain realize that all and everything are possible in that free space. So use the plasticity of mind to imagineer your way through the inner dimensions of thought until you are able to modify the world you have entered. By modifying these worlds, we can truly assist in our own mutation as a species by imagineering your DNA into a self willed format.

You should be able to see that all and everything are possible.(using the mantra "all and everything are possible" could also be useful. This ritual method can be abbreviated and customized to accomodate working on the DNA of others. This can be accomplished by providing a magickal link with the other person( or being) in question, using their own DNA to make improvements in their performance capacity, or to cause them irreprable damage to their genetic functioning.

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