(another blood working)


The purpose of this ritual is to basically gain power within the realm of employment. It may be used to help one gain employment, or further advance hirself at hir current line of employment. It employs techniques of charisma and/or domination.


You will need a few things to do this rite including two kaos magicians, a resume, perhaps some business clothing, prepared interview questions, a fake W2 form (or something that you would sign that would guarantee that you have the job), and a probe (for those who don't have a clue - something to draw blood with).


The two kaos magicians should be dressed business like. One will play the "interviewer" and the other will be the "applicant." Respectfully "I" & "A". The I should have previously made interview questions at hand, plus something of a W2 form nature. Both should be dressed "in a business fashion" although the environment should be a combination of ritual and business.

The Ritual:

000. The Ritual begins with the Interviewer sitting in the ritual/office environment with the Applicant in another room.

00. The applicant then walks into the room smiling.

0. The interview proceeds.

1. It is really up to whomever is performing this ritual as to what takes place next. After the interview it over, the interviewer exclaims that the applicant has the job and that he must sign a form to make employment concrete. The interviewer then probes the applicants hand to draw blood, and the applicant will sign the fake W2 form, or whatever it is that was pre-planned to sign, with his birth signature. The applicant may also want to make a sigil for financial success, or whatever comes to mind, by hir name.

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