The Doors of Perception-Heaven and Hell, Aldous Huxley, published by Grafton, 1977, ISBN 0-586-04437-X

"The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be the quite the same as the man who went out". Aldous Huxley first took mescalin in 1953 and continued his experiments with hallucinogenic drugs until 1963 when, on his deathbed, he asked for and was given LSD. In these short but intensely illuminating essays, Huxley explores the effects of the mescalin experience, describing how the drug enabled him to discover a 'sacramental vision of reality'. He also discusses the spiritual and moral implications of the experience, demonstrating how negative emotions can transform man's perceptual Nirvana into a 'schizophrenic hell'.

In this short read, Huxley discusses the "Artificial Paradise" and the perceptions of reality that humanity espouses. He also spends time on art and its relevance to humanity. Not a book about "trippin'"!