A Ritual Of Freedom And Destruction Of Restrictions


During this ritual, the operators will create a "doorway" through which their restrictions will be sent. This object will act as a window or doorway to the abyss perhaps, or nothingness, as the operator sees fit.

The construction of the object requires two pieces of glass per person, preferably round, of at least three inches in diameter. These may be obtained through glass cutting stores for about $3.00, not overly expensive. The object also consists of beeswax, cut to about two inches tall, and rolled to create miniature pseudo candles. Something else may be used in place of the beeswax; clay for instance, or round pieces of wood. These beeswax "logs" will be melted onto the glass, so they should be short enough and rolled enough to be relatively sturdy. Eight logs rolled three or four times has been found effective.


One of the two pieces of glass will be painted black, to make a black mirror, the other will be left clear. Other than the painting, the actual construction of the doorway will take place during the ritual. The beeswax logs will be melted onto the unpainted side of the black mirror, and then the clear glass will be placed on top, the tops of the beeswax logs being melted to the glass. If something other than beeswax is being used, one can glue the logs onto the glass. You will find it easy enough to get a match up under the glass in order to melt the wax sufficiently. Though they look weak, these things are actually quite sturdy. Once the wax is melted in place, it is unlikely to give.

These windows will be used during the rite to send current restrictions through, and should be used on a regular basis after the rite is finished, every time new restrictions present themselves. The windows may be destroyed at a later date and made into something new (servitor or some such thing). The destruction of the object may be considered the final "doing away" with residual restriction.

The Freedom rite combines a ritual for the bringing of freedom with the creation of a Chaos Elixir of freedom. For the creation of the elixir, one may use the ritual for such things created by Pete Carroll or do something of their own making. Although the elixir is consumed during the rite, operators may choose to make enough of the stuff to also keep some for later use. The Freedom rite actually makes up the body of the rite, with the making of the doorways being done in the middle of rite. These two rituals may be done separately, however.

The Rite:

1. Statement of Intent: "It is our will to create a doorway through which to send our restrictions, to provoke Freedom for the selves, and to create an elixir to consume afterwards.

2. Creation of the doorways: Each person creates a sigil out of the word "Restrictions". Begin thought concentration, making all thoughts that enter the mind correspond to the thought of Freedom. Begin to create the doorways, keeping the thought concentration going until they are completed. The operators may choose to draw sigils of Freedom on their doorways at this point.

3. The Release of Control: All operators say aloud "I thought myself free." A sigil representing restrictions is placed in the center by the M.O. All operators stare at the sigil with fists clenched while saying "I was wrong".

4. The Realization of Restrictions: The feet are bound with string. Everyone walks (hobbles) in a circle until near (or actual) collapse.

Each person will visualize their sigil of "Restrictions" during this gnosis technique. When the gnosis has come to its climax, focus sight directly on the mirror doorway, placing visualization of sigil there. Yell "Khai! Ni Shikenah!". Continue to stare into the mirror, seeing the sigil fly through it, becoming smaller as it gets farther away, finally to disappear into the blackness. When it is gone, say: "Kwaheri!"

5. The Self-Confidence Parts: Each person says aloud "I am more confident than the rising sun." Giggling and other antics while the bonds are removed.

6. The Defense Against Future Restrictions: "I declare war on myself for this is peace." The sigil is removed from the center.

7. The Part of Uranous: "The portal is here, it shall be used." We are Free as Chaos." At this point the operators prostrate themselves and the audial aid is employed. Operators will hyperventilate and shout: "Everything, everything, I am infinity". After a suitable state of gnosis is obtained the mantra of "Daw Fum" ( a variation on the word "Freedom") is begun and the Chaos Elixir is created, then consumed.

8. Laughter Banishing.


KHAI = A Hausa (African) exclamation of disgust.

NI = Swahili for "I"

SHIKENAH = Hausa for "Don't Want It".

KWAHERI = Swahili for "Good-bye".

Ingredients For A Chaos Elixir Of Freedom:

Rosemary, Garlic, Hyssop, Juniper, Chamomile, Cinnamon, and Vodka. One is encouraged to come up with their own, however.

Destroying Them Old Residual Restrictions (Part 2)


This ritual is designed to destroy those doorways for our restrictions that we made a while back. It's never a good thing to keep something around for very long that has restriction residue all over it! We will be making the pieces into new stuff to use (a candle and a mirror), what you do with them is up to you. The black mirror part will be completely destroyed, however, since that is the actual "doorway". The first mantra (in case you were wondering) is in Greek and Latin, the second is in the barbaric language.

This ritual is BYOB (bring your own brick). These are going to be used to break the glass black mirrors, which will be in cloth pouches, so hopefully we won't have glass flying everywhere!

Materials Needed:

1. Your doorways (duhhhhh....).

2. A container to put the sand in. Make this something fairly deep, as you will be making a hole in the sand to accommodate the shape of the wax.

3. Something to make the hole with. This can be anything that will make a hole the shape you want it to be. Don't get too intricate, it probably wouldn't work.

4. A cloth or some other material pouch. This needs to be big enough to hold the black mirror part of your doorway while it is still intact. Don't make it big enough to hold the whole doorway (unless you really dig BIG pouches), only the black mirror. This should be of durable material and at least doubled material and definitely closeable. This thing is going to hold glass while you shatter it, and then it will be holding little shards of glass.

5. A big ole honky brick. You may want two, so you can smash 'em together, that's up to you.

6. An idea of what you consider to be your restrictions.

On With The Ritual!!!!!

1. Ye grande ole' SOI - "It is our will to destroy our restrictions and create something new."

2. Make them that there sigil of what you view to be yo' current restrictions.

3. Zee mantra ist begun by all. Zee mantra ist =

"Ta larva pane penitus" (The ghost goes through)

"To clausum i porta." (the closing door.)

4. Zis mantra ist continued as operants visualize an arrow, with their sigil attached to the bottom flying through that doorway. Whizzzzzzzzzzz!

5. Then, zee mantra ist stopped when all feel that their restrictions are pleasantly banished, at which point we will visualize that great Aetheric door a-closing and exclaim - "Klisto i porta!" (Close the doorway!) while violently destroying zee doorway wit zee hand. Crunch........!

6. Put the wax into a cute little mason jar and stick in the boiling water. Don't forget to put your initial or something on the lid, you wouldn't want to run off with somebody elses waxy stuff... And stick the black mirror part in yo' pouch.

7. Whilst the wax is melting, we will paint our personal sigils on the clear glass top of what once was our doorway. This glass can be painted any colour you want later on, as a _________ mirror, with your sigil peeking out at you.

8. The pseudo-invocatory mantra is begun by all operators. It goes something like this:

"Udinbak Levifith" (Chaos, Magic,)

"Xiqual Padojo Qyopal" (Equilibriating, Phenomenizing,)

"Sundegai Reman..." (Destruction, Creation...)

9. While this mantra is happening to us, we will make our shape impression in our sand, then (one by one because there is only one suitable pot holder) pick out our mason jar and pour the wax into the sand. This will create for us a coolish sand candle (if we're smart enough to remember to hold the wick in at the same time), which we can burn in private ritual...

10. When we've all poured, and the mantra has reached a happening height of frenzy, the MO will exclaim: "Erixoth!" (Laugh!) and everyone will do so, beating the pouch with their black mirror in it against their personal brick.

11. Keep the pouches of broken glass under your pillows for now. These will be buried at the Summer Solstice (if I have my way), since that is a time of new beginnings...

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