The Dragon Watcher

A watcher servitor designed to protect person/s and place. I placed mine on Table Mountain charged with the intent to protect the mountain from unscrupelous land developers and to broadcast justice energys into the city. I plan on making more so as to make a viral network of them.

You will need:


The Rite
On the altar: the ingredients above.

  1. Banish and open
  2. S.O.I: "It is my will to infuse this this vessel with the forces of protection, and that it be a sentient being charged to protect n and to safeguard the vicinity which is to be its home.
  3. Light the suffumigations and lighting.
  4. Take up iron filings in hand and walk to fire quarter, circumambulate the circle sunwise (maybe five times) sprinkling the iron filings on the circle, imagining them falling as red gold sparks, visualise the circle as being composed of red gold flame.
  5. Having returned to the place of fire, invoke the fire elementals
    Call the Fferyllt:
    Here me now brethren of the Fferyllt, you secret ones who dwell in the highest peaks of the Brenin Llywd (a name I gave to the mountain - welsh for Grey King) Governers of the Mighty Dragons which guard the lands.
    Now is a time of need!
    Be ye present in this working.
  6. Invokation to Cu Chulain:

    I invoke you Cu Chualin! Mighty one!
    Massive limbed and Aureoled with seering flames!
    I ask that your heroe`s salmon leap be upon me,
    that you lend your great strength unto me,
    to burn out all that is unjust in me,
    and this make of me a purer vehicle so as to carry out
    the forces of Justice.
    Cu Chualin I call on you!

    Fierce hound!
    Thundering charriot!
    Spear of sunlight!
    Wrathfull sword of flames!
    Salmon leap!
    Deadly Warp Spasm!
    Quicker to the field of blood than to a wedding!
    Quicker to the ravens feast than to a burial!
    Come anger of Fire
    Fire of Oak
    Oak of Knowledge
    Wisdom of Wealth
    Sword of Song
    Song of Searing Edge!
    Io Cu Chulain!
    Io! Io! etc
  7. Then do the Lightning Flash exercise by Phil Hine, but instead of bringing the force out of your head, bring it to your heart center in a sphere of red gold, do this five (or six) times, and each time you do it the sphere gets brighter and hotter, on the fifth (or sixth) time project the force from your heart center out the palms of your hands in one exhalation so that it converges on the Dragon.
  8. With weapon or hand, trace the sigil of the dragon above it whilst intoning its name, then about it a sunwise circle five times to stir the projected ether, then within the circle trace an invoking heptagram of mars, vibrating: SABAO! (Greek)
  9. Now take up the Dragon in your hands and address it.
    "Wake to these words O Warrior Dragon n:
    I command you in the name of Mighty Cu Chulain and the Fferyllt who are lords of fierce Dragons and in my own name for out of great need have I created thee.
    I decree that you shall cause all those to depart who have taken evil into their hands.
    Or have but in their own heart been moved towards it and that they harm none as they leave the place which I shall make thy home.
    Wake to these words O creature of flames, and be thou a true and unfailing regent of defence."
  10. Proclaim your deed unto the powers:
    "And the priests raised their shields and shook them, shook them with a sound as of thunder!
    And they danced to the loud wailing flutes.
    This was the deed of the priests!
  11. Put servitor in box, add whatever items you deem apropriate . Trace a large banishing heptagram of Mars. Give thanks to the powers you called on, banish the elementals, do the qabalistic cross. End.

Notes: In welsh myth the Fferyllt are the lords of the dragons that guard the lands, and are said to dwell on Mount Snowdon. The invocations are a mixture of my own and other stuff from various sources.

Results? They went ahead and built a hotel smack bang on a piece of the mountain next to the sea :( . . .
But whilst it was being built a couple of Sangomas (traditional S.African witch-doctors) did a ceremony at the building site and cursed the developers and main greedy bastard :)
Yet to here of any tragic accidents. They also want to develop land on part of the mountain which is a muslim burial site, I haven`t heard anything more of this.

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