Created as a sort of Mass of Thanatos, the purpose of this ritual is to invoke the entropic/death aspect, otherwise known as the god "Thanatos." The entropic force will later be used to create and cast a "sigiltor" (sort of a cross between a sigil and a servitor, to be explained later) for the purpose of introducing entropy to a system/ situation of the operators choice. During this Mass, each participant will be invoking the godform, rather than one sole operator.

0. Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to invoke Thanatos into this Saturnian oil.

1. Each operator will dig a small "grave" for themselves in the ground. This is symbolic rather than actual, no need to dig six feet under.

2. Operators lie down in their graves face up, arms crossed over the breast in a death-like position.

3. Visualize the godform of Thanatos approaching while the invocation is recited. The form may be visualized in any way the operator sees fit; we each have our own individual death.

Invocation: (stated by Main Operator and responded to by all:)

MO: Thanatos ALL: Cessation
MO: Thanatos ALL: Entropy
MO: Thanatos ALL: End
MO: Thanatos ALL: Scythe
MO: Thanatos ALL: Death
MO: Thanatos ALL: Putrefaction
MO: Thanatos ALL: Black
MO: Thanatos ALL: Saturn
MO: Thanatos ALL: Skull
MO: Thanatos ALL: Hearse
MO: Thanatos ALL: Funeral
MO: Thanatos ALL: Stasis
MO: Thanatos ALL: Coffin
MO: Thanatos ALL: Inert
MO: Thanatos ALL: Sleep
MO: Thanatos!

4. Still lying on your back, assume the death posture. This may be done easily enough in this position, simply place your hands over your eyes, covering the nose, mouth, and ears as well.

5. When Gnosis has been reached, hold the feeling even when you gasp and set up, focusing the Gnosis toward the oil which is located in the center.

6. Without banishing, the Sigiltor rite immediately commences;


During this rite, the operators will be creating a "Sigiltor." This being may be described as something between a servitor and a sigil. It has a certain amount of sentience, but its life force will expire once its deed is done. The material base for this "Sigiltor" will be a small slip of tissue paper, on which the operator will draw a sigil of their desire. The purpose of the sigiltor should be entropic in nature, the sigil being a representation of the situation or system into which the entropy of the servitor is being introduced. In other words, use it against something you want to see wind down or die.

0. Statement Of Intent: It is our will to create and cast a sigiltor of entropy.

1. Each operator will draw a sigil of their desire on a provided piece of tissue paper. It is suggested that the statement used be along the lines of "I wish to introduce entropy into.......(desired situation)."

2. The tissue paper is anointed with the Saturnian oil, as well as with any bodily fluid, etc.. which the operator desires.

3. Holding the tissue paper up above the back of the head, visualize the sigiltor as a glass ball containing great amounts of entropic force, and ONLY entropic force. On the surface of the glass, visualize the sigil you have written on the tissue paper.

4. As the gnosis builds from this image concentration, allow the energy to flow from your hands into the sigiltor, which should be waving slightly above the head. When the moment is right, release the sigiltor, allowing it to fly away without watching its course. At the moment that the sigiltor is released, visualize the glass ball entering the situation and breaking to release the entropic force.

5. Banishing by laughter.

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