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The Ego protects the inner personality from harm and battery by being the buffer between the core person (the id) and society (the superego). Ego is said to be made up of what is learned in society, the total sum of a person's experiential existence. The ego defends itself in a variety of ways, from simple defense mechanisms to traumatic schisms in personality. Thus, the Ego is a shield, psychologically-speaking.

The ego can be corresponded to the solar plexus chakra (manipura), also known as third chakra, the power chakra. The power of this chakra and the ego can be used to construct a shield to protect and conserve this very power. By constructing a shield charged with the energy of your intrinsic shielding chakra, you will be able to shield your solar plexus chakra at times when your own energy is low and you need recharge it. In this way the shield is also used as a storage device for this energy, as well as a shield.

Materials Needed:

- A disk made from cardboard, wood, or metal (the size of the shield does not matter, since it is a symbolic shield; although if possible, it is preferable that the shield can cover the area of your solar plexus)

- Gold foil or another reflective gold-colored material

- Frankincense Oil (or another sun/protective variety of oil)

Construction Of The Shield:

Construct the shield by adhering the reflective material to the outside of the disk. You can decorate the shield in whatever manner suits you, perhaps with a Rune or Sigil or Protection, other protective symbols, and/or your own personal sigil. The symbols can be placed discreetly on the disk itself before covering it up or decorated on the outside so they can be seen.

Charging The Shield:

Standing, place the constructing shield on the floor between your feet so you can see it looking down. Take in a deep breath. The rite leader will go deosil around the group and hand you the oil. Put oil on fingertips and anoint your solar plexus chakra with a tad of it.

After you are anointed, begin the charging. If you have ever done the rites called the Middle Pillar or the Circulation of the Body of Light, the technique used for this part of the charging is similar. Imagine the sun at the balls of your feet. Move the sun upwards through your chakras slowly, allowing it to infuse each chakra with its powerful energy. As each chakra is "illuminated" in this manner, pause and use this illumination to view the chakra and cleanse it of any chords or entities. (see Chakra section as end of rite for explanation, if you are not familiar with chakras.)

After you have finished with your crown chakra, push the sun out of the top of your head in and let it hover right above your head for a few seconds. Take a few very deep breaths, holding them in and releasing them slowly. Keep holding the sun above your head. Then when you feel ready, pull the sun back into your body and throw it down rapidly up and down through your chakras rapidly, breathing rapidly as you do this. Let it run up and down your chakra points several times and then push the sun out of your solar plexus chakra in an explosion, aiming the sun right at the shield on the floor. As you "explode," cry out one of the following words (decide beforehand which one you intend to use):

Chaboj (Sun)

Dinthoqaf (Power)

Char (Ego)

Your body should feel tingling and/or exhausted. Slowly, breathe deeply again, concentrating briefly on each chakra, and return to the mundane plane. Your shield is charged with your own power.

Uses For The Shield:

A charged shield can be used as a reflective device by holding it before the solar plexus region and visualizing any psychic or ego attack as being reflected back on the attacker. Or you can use the shield pointing at your solar plexus chakra to soak in a little of the sun radiation if you need an extra blast of protection. If you feel totally drained of power, you can use the above charging procedure in reverse to suck back in all the power into your solar plexus. The shield will, of course, be emptied in this manner and you will need to re-charge it at another time to use it again. If you feel particularly powerful or your ego is riding on a particular "high" on a certain day, I recommend recharging the shield with said energy. You can build up a powerful storehouse of energy and power in the shield by many recharges.


1. Root ( muladhara) -- Located at perineum. As its title implies, the root chakra is the root of the person. The basic foundation. It rules survival and foundation functions.

2. Sex (swaddusthana) -- Located at genitals. Rules sexual identity and expression

3. Power/Solar Plexus (manipura) -- Located at Solar Plexus. Your kinetic energy center. Your power is expressed and oft attacked through here.

4. Heart (anahata) -- Located at heart. Rules the expression of love and how you relate on this level to others. Also is tied into self-trust, especially in relating to finding one's Will.

5. Throat (vissudhi) -- Located at throat. Rules communication, verbal, written, mental, or otherwise.

6. Third Eye/Brow (ajna) -- Located at forehead. Rules psychic and spiritual energy.

7. Crown (sahasara) -- Located at top of head. The most spiritual and abstract of all the chakras, this one is essentially your telephone line to the "divine," "nirvana," your "will," whatever. It draws in all the knowledge of the universe if working properly. Getting it to work properly is usually at least the quest of a few lifetimes, however.

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