To Inflict Upon Structures and Authority Figures

Materials Needed:


Participants dress in black, and since this ritual is designed for outdoors, warmly. Effigy is laid upon the logs for the fire but is not lit at this time. Participants gather in a circle around the effigy.

The Rite:

0. Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to induce entropy into authoritarian structure, to facilitate individual freedom and the coming of the Pandaemonaeon!!!"

1. Invocation as follows:

MO: We are gathered here to mark the passing of the demons Structure and Authority!
(All: You must begone!)
MO: To them we are but numbers !
(All: You must begone!)
MO: To track us everywhere we go, follow us and watch us !
(All: You must begone!)
MO: They wanted to save us from ourselves !
(All: you must begone!)
MO: They allowed us no freedom !
(All: You must begone!)
MO: They treated us like naughty children needing constant supervision!
(All: you must begone!)

2. Now going around the circle, each participant recites a grievance against a particular government institution, corporation, authority figure, what have you.

Continue around the circle one at a time until all "crimes" have been recited. These can be as monumental or as trivial as one pleases.

3. After this is done, MO recites:

"Now this is all over!
The Eschaton has been immanentized and the Pandaemonaeon is here!
We are free! We don't need these anymore!"

4. Whereupon, everyone places the pieces of paper with their Social security and ID numbers on the corpse. MO passes around the "graveyard dust" and everyone takes a handful.

MO: Earth to earth, ashes to ashes. dust to dust!

5. Everyone throws their graveyard dust upon the effigies MO and anyone else who wants to now lights the logs so the corpse burns.

6. All shout: "Burn Baby Burn!'' and as the corpse is consumed. dance around the bonfire cheering, laughing and celebrating. When corpse is completely consumed all shout "Apealizage" ! and do more dancing, laughing, etc.

7. Everyone go back home and watch a bad movie or have dinner or etc.

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