THE COMMUNION MASS of the Empirical Pragmatic Idealist's Coalescent (EPIC)

i. A bell is sounded 4 times.

ii. Incense is lit and the candles are outed. All: "We are the Temple of ERIS; the Empirical Pragmatic Idealist's Coalescent!"

iii. Strobe set on high frequency. Main Operator, hir head down and hirself in a seated position, holds a chalice above hir, half-full with sacrament of choice. All are gathered about in a circle, standing at arms length.

iv. Arms are extended so that the palms touch. All sense energy flowing from the right hand of the person on their left, into their own left hand filling their own body, then moving out their own right hand into the left hand of the person next to them.

v. MO: "It is our will to combine that brings us together, our will to do magick that makes us magicians."

vi. At this statement all extend their right arms toward the chalice until the chalice is held up in the center with only the participant's open right hand. The MO joins the circle, and with heads bowed, all begin a slow counter clockwise circumambulation.

"Empirical, Pragmatic, Idealist, Coalesce!" say all, then this is repeated at each refrain:

"We mean to discover what we are inside
With tricks of our trade, no laughter denied!


"Practical the way - with fun tossed in
And we hope the way to Hell is through sin!


"Imagination is the currency we will spend
For knowledge is a road that goes 'round the bend!


"We are our Selves let free to roam
Our Hearts and Minds have common home!


Refrain again; The circumambulation ceases, and all heads are raised, to look upon the chalice and the hands supporting it. Some thought on the idea that no one participant holds up the chalice; all are necessary.

vii. The left hand of all participants form the "horned one" mudra and this is focussed toward the sacrament. When all hold this gesture "This is our will!" is shouted.

viii. Carefully, the Main Operator lets go of hir place in the circle, and grasps the chalice in both hands. The sacrament is shared by all, in laughter and comradeship.

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