Have you ever found yourself acting in exactly the manner someone expected you to and thought to yourself "this isn't me..."? Unwanted personality traits, thoughts, feelings, or actions can sometimes be brought out in us by the perceptions of those whose company we keep. In a sense, we are thereby "created" by the perceptions of others. This is often straightforward enough so that one can simply determine not to be around those who "bring out the worst in them," so to speak. In some cases, however, certain aspects of the unwanted perceptions may linger and must be destroyed, or there may be only some unwanted aspects, making it unnecessary and undesirable to remove oneself from the perceiver entirely. In these cases, you may desire to "banish" the specific perceptions you don't like. Such is the purpose of this rite.

Each person must have two small squares of white paper, a silver crayon, a sigil of all the words which correspond to the traits/ perceptions they are erasing, and a sharp pencil. Also required is a single cauldron or similar receptacle in which paper may be burnt.

The Rite:

1. Statement of Intent:

"We Will erase from ourselves the untrue aspects placed on us by the perceptions of others."

2. Everyone take two squares of white paper and a silver crayon and proceed to color the paper silver (yes boys and girls, it's a play mirror!). Participants then use a sharp pencil to etch their personal symbols (names, sigils, signs and symbols, etc...) around the edges of their two mirrors (kinda like frames).

3. While chanting "This is not my Self, this is not who I am," participants etch their sigil in the center of one of the mirrors. This is the Mirror of Erasure (catchy, ain't it?).

4. Using your left hand, place your Mirror of Erasure on the ground at your feet and stare down at it. Trace the symbol of Saturn in the air over your MoE with your left hand, whispering the words "To Entropy!"

5. Chanting "Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos" (essentially - "Yo, get the fuck away from me you demonic creeps...."), walk around the mirrors in a circle moving widdershins. During this, participants visualize their sigil. This continues until Gnosis is reached, at which point all participants will stop in front of their own MoE.

6. Looking down on your MoE, proceed to stomp on it violently, screaming "I am not this;" Stomp on your MoE until it is no longer recognizable.

7. Retrieve your second Mirror and etch your personal magical sigil in the center of it with the pencil.

8. Holding the Mirror in your right hand, concentrate upon it while walking deosil in a circle, chanting "I am not affected, but effective."

9. When this chant reaches something akin to glossalalia, toss your Mirror into the cauldron. The M.O. will light the Mirrors on fire (you may want to sprinkle them with a flammable substance beforehand).

10. With the right hand, all participants draw the sigil of the sun in the air before the cauldron (this can be any solar symbol the participant desires - traditional sigil, Sowulo, whatever), and proclaim "I create my Self."

Follow with a Solar Rite, the Ego Project, or a similar working and then banish with excessive smiling.

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