We made a loooooooooong journey.
And on this journey we've found IT.
If coincidence would exist, it might have been the most extreme form of it.
But as coincidence doesn't exist..........
Who or what has guided us is still unknown; of course we do have ourthoughts on that, but we didn't agree with each other. It might have been Eris, but .............. could it be too.

We don't want to keep our new knowledge a secret, nor want we to build a Temple around it. We are the TRANSMITTERS. No need to ask for seminars, courses or other mind-prisoning techniques. Be your own guru!

First we weren't aware at all THAT we found IT, but after concretizing verbally our discovery and combining our personal new knowledge, we got a first suspicion about the extreme importancy of our discovery. Because IT is important, VERY important indeed!

We've found the Ultimate Magick!

It is the Magick of the ESAUTISM TRADITION.

A Follower of this Magickal Tradition is called an


The name might point to the fact, that this Magick has its roots in times before mankind existed on Earth. Therefore, the conclusion that this is the oldest Magickal Tradition we know now is correct, because we don't know of any other pre-human Magickal Tradition. According to this, the probability is very high, that if one devotes and studies thoroughly ESAUTISM for an appropriate time, one isn't human anymore. You might also conclude that an Esotaur isn't human.

The Esautism Path is a free Path for everyone.

That doesn't mean, that everyone will become an Esotaur. The PATH is very heavy and difficult. A strong will, great perseverence, a trained mind in multiple disciplines and a limited life span is required.

Everyone has already made some experience with this kind of Magick, of course without knowing it. In fact, every human has made acquaintance with this Path, it was just not recognized as IT.

Because ESAUTISM doesn't use spoken or written words, it is very difficult to describe it, but we will make the great effort.


Trying to describe ESAUTISM, it might clear you up, if we call it a


The five Pillars are the Pillars of Potention and only those who have mastered those Pillars and can use them simultaniously without mistakes, can enter this Crypt without being smashed back into the boring dayly human life.


The first pillar ist the Pillar of CREATIVE VISUALISATION. Creative Visualisation is the Art of imaginating pure mentally those pictures that are desired. You can create pictures from your earthly reality, but that isn't nessesary. That means, you don't need the sensory reality. You don't need your eyes either.

The second Pillar is the Pillar of CREATIVE OLFACTORISATION. Creative Olfactorisation is the Art of imaginating pure mentally wished smells. That might be the smell of a pizza, a roommate or any sensory smell from everyday life, but smells that don't exist on earth are okay too. You don't need your sense of smell, you even don't need your nose.

The third Pillar is the Pillar of CREATIVE AUDIOLISATION. Creative Audiolisation is the Art of imaginating pure mentally any sound that is wished. It might be the sound of a train, a screeming crowd or any other sound you have heard before somewhere on earth. But sounds that you've never heard, sounds that even don't exist, will do fine too. It might be clear now, that you do not need your ears.

The fourth Pillar is the Pillar of CREATIVE GUSTATATION. Creative Gustatation is the Art of imaginating any flavour that is wanted. That may be simple tastes or flavours, but very exquisite ones will do too. Creating complete new flavours is as acceptable as trying existing ones. Any organ of taste isn't required. In fact, having still any sense can be an obstacle on the Path.

The fifth and last Pillar is the Pillar of CREATIVE TACTILISATION. Creative Tactilisation is the Art of imaginating the sensations that occur when someone touches something he or she wishes to touch. That can be a tree, a pudding or anything from the tactile reality or above or beyond that reality. This Pillar doesn't need any tactile instrument, not even a singe feeling- point in your skin. You don't need any skin.

This five Pillars are connected to eachother and are made a Whole by the MENTAL LANGUAGE. This mental language is combining the just described mentalized senses into mental orders.

With help of the five Pillars and their Language you can get EVERYTHING you want to. A good ESOTAUR serves him/herself ALWAYS with success. If one has mastered this kind of Magick totally, he/she is completely independent of materialism; other people, animals, plants, stones, air, sun and moon are not needed anymore. An ESOTAUR does not believe in any GOD or GODDESS except in him/herself, because he/she IS GOD(DESS).



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