This working is a typical Red/Martial working, with its goal being the destruction of some enemy. This "enemy" may be one that is either external or internal to an individual operator, a working group, etc.


The Rite:

-2. An opening rite is performed

-1.5 One participant begins a slow beat on the drum, which shall be maintained until further notice.

-1. The pistols are loaded and placed in a pile. All operators gather in a circle around the pile and recite the statement of intent.

0. Statement of intent:

It is our will to execute our enemy, (name the enemy)
We are judge! We are jury! We are the firing squad!

1. All operators draw a red pentagram upon the pile of water pistols while vibrating the "A" mantra.

2. The photograph/symbol of the enemy is held up by the Main Operator, who addresses it as follows:

"(Name enemy), you have been found guilty of crimes against the Anti-State, of acts of sedition against the Eschaton and of treason against the Pandžmonžon. We here before you sentence you to death before a firing squad. May Great Chaos disperse you into monads in the void!

3. The symbol or photograph is thrown into the fire. All participants look into the fire and say:

(The condemned stands before us)

4. Operators pick up one of the water pistols with their left hand and then place their right hand into or above the fire. They should focus their gaze upon the water pistol until they achieve Gnosis via the pain generated from holding their hand to the flame.

5. Once Gnosis has been achieved, each operator should hurl a few hateful epithets at the fire, and then form a line upwind of it.

6. The Main Operator raises the sword or dagger above hir head as all other operators line up and take aim at the flames with their water pistols. The drummer begins a drum roll (or the closest hishi can approximate to it.)

7. The Main Operator says:




8. The drum roll stops, and all participants discharge their water pistols into the fire until it goes out.

9. Some of the remains from the fire are gathered and placed in an envelope, which is then sent to the external target, OR, if the target was internal, some of the ashes are smeared upon the head of each of the operators.

10. Anokquz.

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