The Story of the Cat with Many Names and the Electric Wire
Nikki-Age 15

Wuz Up! This site is awesome! I love catz too so I had 2 write about one of mine! I don't got a pic but he is sooooo Cute. He has the smushiest little face. He also has papers and he used to be a show cat for commercials and stuff. He is a Pure Bread Peke Paced Persian Cream which is really rare because the breeders consider it a fault that their noses are pressed in like the Pekinese dog. hence the name) He sort of has a Garfield face but he is 10000x cuter.
Oh yeah and his name is Gismo, but I call him lots of names. The ones I use the most are Fatty(i didn't choose it), and Muffin(thats the one I made up). Infact my family never calls him Gismo and sometimes we forget his real name. Fatty waits by the stairway everyday, waiting for me to come home. I trained him to come when I snap my fingers, which to us is a real good accomplishment for him because years earlier he bit a wire and got electrocuted! Now he is kind of dumber but I still think hes real smart! He even jumps up on things when I snap up, and jumps off when I snap down. He likes to lay on paper instead of soft stuff, but Im pretty sure its a cat thing. I think he like crinkling on it. Its really funny when he does the "Kneading thing" while getting comfy because it sounds like hes snoring! Hes also a incredible mushy kitty because he purrs when you I lay on him! He likes it when I use him as a pillow!
My mom says when I go away, he even sleeps on my bed for days until I come back.
He will scratch on m door about 30 times a day wanting to come in.
Dogs are okay but my Muffin is my best friend.
Anyway thanx for taking the time out to read about my kitty. I really like your site and its now on my favorites. Keep up the good work.
Cya~ Nikki age 15~