Comes to the Starving Artist


This rite is a preparatory rite to doing a full-blown Jupiter/Blue Magic Rite a la Carroll's Liber Kaos. Part of the Jupiter/Blue Magic process is to exorcise one's fears about money. This rite will serve as an "exorcism" of a certain common fear an d loathing of money and is specifically geared to "artist-types" who suffer from unconscious blocks about money. Society often teaches that art & money cannot co-exist, that somehow "getting" money for art is probably "selling out." This rite is to let money and art co-exist, to make friends with money.

Materials Needed:

A dollar bill and materials to create something artistic. The complexity of the art project and the chosen media is entirely up to the individual.

The Rite:

1. Assemble the materials you will be working with and place them before you. Pick up the dollar bill and examine it. Talk to it. Tell it you want to invite it into your life. Make friends with it. Respect it.

2. Do the art project. Make the dollar bill the focus and the celebration of the piece. The art project can be as simple as a crayon drawing/collage or as complex as the imagination will allow. The important thing is to weave the money into the art with respect and admiration.

3. When the project is complete, perform the Jupiter Posture (from Carroll's Planetary Rituals):

With eyes closed, visualize Blue Energy and emote a sense of lordliness and power. Begin the mantra EMURT INUM at the rate of four times on each long exhalation; do sixteen times.

Using this Jupiter Posture, charge the art as you would a sigil.

4. The Rite is done. Do something significant with your art: such as hanging it above where you might keep your checkbook or perhaps mailing it anonymously to the US Treasury.

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