A Rite Of Illumination


Most or us have holes in our psyches, doorways through which things get in from outside that we don't wont. This can be seen as a flow from "outside" to "inside" or anything from bad vibes to disease germs. In every case, there is something inside ourselves that invites, even pulls those things in. That thing is a belief in our own lack, incompleteness that requires something from "out there" to supply what we need. Another word for this is "desire." But all desire involves duality. In every attraction, there is repulsion in the background.

In this ritual, a space is created that resembles the middle of the Tree of Life as Peter Carroll depicts it (In Psychonaut) with the six spheres revolving around the center (Tiphareth/Sol) identified as Death (which actually corresponds to Daath, the "imaginary" sphere} and Sex (Yesod) opposite it: Desire (Chesed) and Fear (Hod) opposite it; Love (Netzach) and Hate (Geburah) opposite it. In the center is Laughter. Spheres should be depicted as some sort of flat round surface with the appropriate emotion written on it and the appropriate color. I see them as looking kind of like bases on a baseball field.

The Rite:

0. Statement Of Intent:

It is our will to invoke a sense of
our own inner completeness
as we transcend the duality of desire(s).

1. The celebrants circle the field deosil, walking over each of the six spheres. As they pass each, they yell out the word on it, i.e.:


2. They move faster and faster and work themselves into a frenzy. At the height of the frenzy, the leader calls out, "STOP!" Everyone either stops moving or falls down.

3. Leader:

Desire is a circle
Desire is a wheel
Desire is a menu
Of things that we feel
Pleasure, sex, love, pain
Round and round and round again
Break, O break the chain
Quit the rim
Spiral within.

4. Celebrants begin spinning widdershins, not on the surface, but in a spiral direction toward the center where Laughter is. As the center is reached, celebrants laugh madly and thereby banish with laughter.

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