This rite was adapted from a funerary ritual from a scene in a novel I wrote (there is a link below to a copy of the relevant scene for reference). I have performed variations of this "parting" ritual as a private observance when someone I care about dies. Although I have thus far only used it as a solitary ritual, it could easily be adapted as a group rite.

Materials Needed:

The Ritual:

Prepare a quiet space and light candles and incense. Music is appropriate. A photograph or other memorabilia of the dead can be placed in the center of the working area.


By all that is pure, by all [Deity name or abstract word, such as Chaos, Fate, etc.] gives, sanctify this space..

Blessed be those who go through the door for it is a long and arduous journey. Blessed be the incarnation that draws to its close. The door is now open for you. At the threshold, you must pause and you must remember. Who you are comes from what you think. What you think becomes who you are. The threshold is a time of trembling, but remember that trembling is excitement and not fear. Tremble and know. Tremble in strength. Do not think of the petty thoughts of your life nor of what wasn't. Know and feel what can be through that door. Open that door with the expectation of a child looking for presents. Go through that door and look. As you wish, so shall it be. You will not be alone. There are those through that door, waiting to guide you, to show you. I am but the first guide, and I show you but the first door.

Pause. Visualize door.

Intone: "They are close now."

Visualize "they" Who "they" are is dependant on the deity or abstract concept chosen.

Draw the elemental banishing pentagrams with wand or finger while intoning the following:

Blessed be* knowledge for knowledge is strength.

Blessed be strength for strength is beauty.

Blessed be beauty for beauty is mercy.

Blessed be mercy because mercy is understanding.

Blessed be understanding because understanding is knowledge.

Blessed be.

(* Some people are bothered by phrase "Blessed Be' since overuse and association has been beginning to turn it into the mystic equivalent of "Have a Happy Day ." For those rankled by the phrase, I suggest substituting "Hail to" or "Celebrate.")

Visualize the life force of the person. Suck life force into your mouth. Hold it and feel the person for a moment. Then blow the air into the stone. Later, dispose of the stone in some fitting manner. One way to dispose of it is to return the stone to an element associated with the person (you can use their astrological sign for the appropriate element): throw it in a body of water for water, bury it for earth, throw it into the air for air, burn it for fire.

The Ritual is done. Banish by laughter.

This rite is dedicated in memoriam to N.S.H.W

Excerpt from Crux Ansata

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