This rite comes from a Druidic Illumination Rite. Its purpose is to open a "gateway" to another realm in order to gain insight into that realm. One should perform the rite at a threshold time. Threshold times are particular moments in which the druids believed that the barriers / veils between our realm and others was thinner than usual. These times were dawn, high noon, dusk, and midnight. The "holy" days (i.e. The Vernal Equinox, Midsummer, Samhain, Yule...) were particularly appropriate for gateway rites.


The Rite:

0. Arrive at your site one-half hour before the threshold moment. Spend some time getting into the mood of the realm you desire to visit. Light a small fire (use charcoals if necessary).

1. Begin with a basic banishing. The Rite of Three Rays is very appropriate here, but the GPR would also work. (I have described the Rite of Three Rays below)

2. Statement Of Intent:

"It is our will to open a gateway to __________".

3. Open Vortex. Instead of concluding the Vortex with "Xiqual Choyofaque" intone the following Charm of Making three times:


During each round of the charm, cast a handful of the incense upon the embers of the fire.

4. Each participant should then move to a comfortable space, allowing plenty of room for all. Strongly visualize a Trilithon. (This is the typical Stonehenge rock formation composed of two vertical stones with a rock crossbar on top.) On the top crossbar, visualize the symbol of the gateway you have chosen to open.

5. When you have clearly visualized this image for several minutes, imagine yourself moving through the gateway and into the realm.

6. After each individual has completed hir vision, close the vortex and banish by laughter.

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