A Red Working


This rite is designed to establish a psychic fortress around the magician. Such a structure is particularly useful in situations in which others are attempting to manipulate one's will.

Materials needed:

The Rite:

1. Open by Gnostic Pentagram/Thunderbolt.

2. Statement of Intent: "It is our Will to create a psychic fortress."

3. Newage music is put on. Participants walk widdershins in a circle. The MO approaches them, making demands such as "Do you have a few hours this afternoon. . . or "Could you take me. . ." Participants begin to mill randomly around saying things like "Well, okay, but. . ." and "I guess so. . .", mouthing accomodating phrases and making excuses. All should visualise the individual lines of a large red square floating around the perimeter of the working, but with the lines unconnected.

4. When one of the participants gets frustrated with the MO's demands, they shout, "No! Get out of my space!" They all stand firmly wherever they are and visualise the lines of the red square coming to form a solid, connected shape around them individually. Martial candles, incense and music are now utilized. Participants draw a red square on their right hand, visualising it as a cube of red energy enveloping their fist. As the music plays, all chant DIBONGOF (will) while repeatedly defining the square around them with their right hand.

5. As the Martial song ends, all shout, "I own myself!"

6. Banish by laughter.

As it might be detrimental to one's relationships and harmonious affiliations to be always standing in a martial fortress, I would suggest that you use the visualisation of the red square on your palm to trigger the psychic fortress in situations where you need boundaries. . . not all the time.

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