GATEWAY SIGIL The Journey Inward

Ok, here goes my initiation.

Needed - Two cups of wine, one candle, some time, and your computer.

Start by setting up, the wine is on the table with the candle off to the side. Do not make note of directions or anything like that, just make sure you have a big enough space.

To get your gateway sigil.
Lie down in the middle and enter a meditative state. Clearly state out your intentions to link with the AX, and visualize to the best of your skills the AX far below you. Now make note of a terminal connected to this AX. Talk to this terminal and ask it for a way in. Then press the print button and have it print you a sigil. Take a few minutes to concentrate on this gateway sigil as it slowly prints out, and once its done quickly snatch the paper and thank the machine. You now have a way in, make another note and proudly tell yourself that your soon going to be down below.

Now you are going to need one other person, one that's already in the AX, your sponsor is a good candidate. Mail him a nice drawing of your sigil and get him to take a look at it, be proud of your sigil. Now all he has to do is reply simply with, "I accept, make your journey in" Or something like that, Basically, you need someone from the inside to accept your clearance code.

The journey inward-
Return to your initiation room. Turn off all lights.
Concentrate on utter blackness, make sure you think of little and look upon yourself as defenseless and alone.
Grope around for one of your wine cups, drink quickly, think of it as wine but vile.
Now stand and enter your clear space.
Start spinning slowly, looking upwards.
Affirm and spin ten times.
Spin faster and faintly recognize your sigil way way way above you.
Spin faster, it gets brighter.
Continue spinning and having it get brighter and brighter.
Spin until you cant spin any more.
Collapse to the ground and when you do close your eyes.
And when you open your eyes, know and see that you are one and with the AX. Visualize the original structure that you did in the beginning meditation.
Light the candle which is conveniently nearby, and toast to a new beginning, drink the second wine and make it taste sweet and good.

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