A Venusian Rite


The purpose of this ritual is to create harmony for oneself, and for any others desired. This ritual uses Venus as a God(ess) form.


- Green candles
- An appropriate incense (such as Jasmine)
- Glasses full of wine for each person present
- A place where you can go to during the ritual to cut flowers for each person present, and any others that you wish to feel the effects of this ritual. An even number of flowers for each person is to be obtained.

The working area should be decorated with as many green colors as possible.

0. Statement of intent:

"It is Our will to make a sacrifice of flowers to Venus to bring Us Harmony and Happiness via obtaining Our wish!"

1. Everyone will then sit in an asana position, and visualize the sigil of Venus (make your own if you like!) in a green light. The position will be held like this until a Main Operator decides to break the silence.

2. A Second Operator will go out and pick the flowers for all present and anyone else who they wish to effect; however if desired, each individual may go out and pick the flowers for themselves, and anyone else they wish to effect.

3. The flowers will be given to the Main Operator by the Second Operator, or all present will give the flowers to the MO. The MO will then proclaim: "Venus! We call upon you Venus! We bring this sacrifice of flowers and incense so that you will grant Us Our wishes of Happiness and Harmony! Come Venus! Come and make Our Will's complete.

4. The Main Operator then takes his glass of wine, raises it towards the sky and states: "Hail Venus!

5. The remaining attendants then raise their glasses, and state "Hail Venus!"

6. The temple is then banished, or other workings conclude.

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