Witches Heal, Billie Potts, published by DuReve Publications, 1988, ISBN 0-929784-00-6

Billie Potts is a feminist healer from upstate New York. Mother, potter, herbalist, and author, she has cultivated and used medicinal plants since 1970. Currently she researches and trains computer users in the area of ergonomics and the health effects of VDTs and computer-mediated work. For close to a decade, she has coordinated herbal and alternative health care at major women's festivals.

This books provides overall information including how to use the medicinal plants you collect, teas, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, etc. There are recipes to cure common ailments as well as alternative first aid hints.

The only negative point to the book, was the point of view of the author towards men. I undertand that everyone has different biases, and that's o.k. It is simply a point.