Fractured Hearts Darkly


a shiny diamond citadel
gaurds the secrets of the heart
forever looking out the same old windows
watching the fading curtains of another heavy sky
where tears fall like rivers of rain
cascading through the valleys
flowing towards the infinite ocean of mind

the heart is such a secret place
where rivers of joy and sorrow
carve their own valleys and canyons
with the tidal surge of loss and desperation
of hope that is forever being born
and love that is silently dying

in the twilight of the heart
the coloured lights of shrines and chapels
slip into the murky shadows of fear
here everything slips away
falling into an abyss beyond darkness

yet with each drop of rain that falls
listen to the ancestors singing
in the language of a billion tongues
calling for rememberence

when the ocean mists rise
to meet the gnarled trees
clinging with sculpted beauty
upon the golden shoreline

remember my name
and call unto me
for I am falling

the tower is crumbling into dust
and broken mirrors shatter
blown across the eight directions
by the relentless tempest of my delusion

the ancestors smile in sorrow
while gently falls the summer rain

lightning whirls and begets awakening
to the laughter of our ancient pasts
with the sound of their children singing
the song that brings the world to life

[anti-copyrite] AutonomatriX
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